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How to make your SAP fit for mail

Use SAP mail ingesraism and input efficiently

SAP Mail – Here you will find add-ons to optimize mail processes, as well as information on setting up the standard.

Did you know?

54 of all customers would
prefer an electronic invoice.

Why SAP Mail?

Initial situation in practice

More and more companies want to use the mail communication path with SAP. However, only limited functions for sending and receiving are available to the SAP user in the ERP standard. As a rule, only one recipient can be maintained, texts cannot be edited, no attachments can be added, to name just a few restrictions. The usability within each transaction is insufficient in many cases. The documentation for the operation is non-transparent. Many processes can only be mapped awkwardly or not at all due to the lack of functions. These factors make electronic communication more difficult and even lead to business documents being sent by post in many companies.

If companies want to link incoming mail to the operations and objects in ERP, they also quickly reach their limits. The assignment to objects such as purchase order or sales order is hardly feasible manually. As a result, many operations lack the necessary transparency, because important information and documents remain in the mailbox inbox of the respective employee. Longer search times are the result.

It is often a tedious task for IT to set up the mail functions. In addition, many things can only be solved by an experienced programmer. In any case, the range of functions is not sufficient and insular solutions are created.

That’s why we’ve developed add-ons with the MailCenter product family.

Potentials for optimization

  • Full range of functions for mailing
  • Optimum support for all processes
  • More transparency – better customer service
  • Enterprise-wide standard solution without programming
Did you know? …

In the administration,
30 of working time

(Fraunhofer Study “LeanOffice”)

Add-ons for sending and receiving

SAP Mail Software Mailcenter – Our SAP email add-ons and services focus on improving the processes for sending and receiving. With our MailCenter add-on, you can use our MailCenter add-on to create, send, track and organize e-mails within the ERP system. SAP Outlook Integration Software

With MailCenter Outlook Integration, you can connect Microsoft Outlook to the SAP ERP system. It makes important SAP data and functions available directly in Outlook. The rapid availability of information leads to improved external and internal communication. Search times are reduced and processes are accelerated. The result is a higher quality of service and lower costs.

SAP Outlook

SAP Outlook Integration on YouTube

Our support team is also happy to assist you with questions regarding SAP settings and configuration. In our internet portal you will find information about SAPConnect, transaction SCOT, SMTP server, SMTP plugin, etc.



Dr. August Oetker Food KG“Our motto is: “Quality is the best recipe”. The simple verification of mail recipients before sending, the transparency of the sending of messages and the flexibility of senders, texts and attachments were important decision criteria for us. The user-friendly add-on supports our business processes also at our international locations. Competent contacts.”
Janine Dallüge IT | Dr. August Oetker Food KG

SAP Mail Product Overview

Do you need support or do you have any questions?

What benefits do these SAP extensions offer you?

Your benefits

  • Simple processes
  • Shorter processing times
  • Productivity
  • Cost reduction

Increasing productivity and reducing costs are important goals of modern companies. Closely linked to this are the demands for shorter processing times, the avoidance of additional processing steps and a reduced error rate.

With the MailCenter you get a tool that adapts flexibly to the requirements of the processes. This means that it always offers the user the best way to send documents by mail. Regardless of whether individual mail processing is required or the highest possible degree of automation is to be achieved during shipping. With the MailCenter, you spend less time processing. The error rate for mailing is reduced.

Would you like to …

  • Increase your productivity by simplifying communication in your company and reducing the burden on users in their daily work?
  • Avoid additional processing steps, shorten processing times and thus speed up your business processes?
  • Optimize your processes and perhaps experience a real paradigm shift in your company?
  • Efficient process processing
  • Easy to use
  • Automatic + individual mailing
  • Easy master data maintenance
  • Central user interface (cockpit)
  • Overview of all traffic
  • Extensive reporting
  • Communication transparent and comprehensible

Why is the topic important for your business?

E-mail is the most important and most widely used service on the Internet. Messages and documents of all kinds can be delivered to the whole world within seconds. In Germany alone, around 626 billion e-mails are sent each year (as of 2016). More than half of them are in business. Today, more than 80 of the business-relevant communications are carried out in this way.

SAP Mail Facts Video Clip

Reduce paper consumption – save costs, increase efficiency and improve sustainability

Various studies show that e-mail and EDI messages can achieve significant cost savings. It is possible to replace the use of paper documents to a large extent.

Companies that implement your processes with paper incur unnecessary costs for printing forms, postage, filing documents, and validating information.

By using e-mail and EDI, companies save a lot of money in their processes. Our experience shows that there are still many companies that do not use this potential for savings. Paper-based processes for orders, quotes and invoices are still widespread. Sustainability is high on their agenda for many companies. Studies show that companies see this responsibility as one of the top three priorities in the coming years.

Reducing paper consumption through mail and EDI helps companies achieve sustainability. At the same time, costs are reduced and efficiency improves.

How long has the email been available?

Ray Tomlinson sent the first electronic message in 1971, making it the inventor of the email. In 1988, Microsoft Mail became the first commercial e-mail product on the market. Towards the end of the 1990s, it is possible to send messages in the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) standard. They are usually sent through the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), a protocol used to exchange e-mail on networks. Today, electronic message is hard to imagine without the business. According to the Association of the Internet Economy (eco), the number of e-mails sent in Germany for business grows by around 10% every year.

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  • SAP Outlook Integration Software
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  • SMS from SAP
  • SMS Short Messages from SAP

Why SAP add-ons from munich enterprise software?

Our solutions are mature and have proven themselves to a large number of customers. The products cover all the functions required in practice. They are also state-of-the-art. Our introductory approach conserve your resources. The work is not complete with the Go-Live. Even after the introduction, we will be at your side with advice and deeds. We are your partner!

With us as a partner, a professional team of experienced project managers, consultants and developers is at your side. Our products and procedures have been developed in close cooperation with our customers. We use the suggestions of our customers for the continuous further development and improvement of the applications.

With this add-on, our customers are experiencing a real paradigm shift. This extension provides users with the best possible support for sending mail of business documents from ERP. Whether in purchasing, sales, service or financial accounting. You need less time to process the task. The transmission process is traceable and transparent.

See the advantages of our application as part of a live product demo on the web. We show you other important aspects for company, user and IT.