SAP Outlook Integration - TOP ADD-ON SAP ERP and S/4

SAP Outlook Integration

Succeed by connecting Outlook with SAP

  • Display master, operation, and contact data for the SAP business partner in Outlook
  • Creating, modifying, and displaying ERP processes directly from Outlook
  • Direct jump from the e-mail client to your most important SAP transactions
  • Central storage of all important e-mails and attachments – directly in ERP

This SAP Outlook Integration Add-On improves external and internal communication
through the rapid availability of information.

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This SAP Outlook integration is
Extremely ease your day-to-day work

Faster and easier process processing

Integration Outlook Sample Screen

Display master, transaction, and contact data for the SAP business partner in Outlook.

Based on e-mail information, the associated business partner from SAP is automatically determined. You will receive an overview of the latest transactions for the business partner as well as information about the contact person. All data is immediately available in Outlook. If necessary, you jump directly from Outlook to the SAP process.

Create, modify, and display SAP transactions from Outlook.

The integration allows you to create, modify, or view SAP transactions directly from your inbox. The e-mail can be automatically archived for the process. You can use personal favorites to jump directly from the add-in to the transactions in the SAP system. This saves employees numerous individual steps and thus valuable time.

File from the inbox directly to SAP objects.

You store e-mails and attachments to SAP documents such as quotations, orders, and purchase orders. This creates seamless, transparent communication. This gives you a clear history of any SAP Business Object.

Create transparency in correspondence about the SAP process.

The journal on the SAP object shows the corresponding correspondence. This reduces search times and improves communication with customers and suppliers.

Improve your internal communication.

Breaks in e-mail communication hinder companies. Processes come to a standstill, are non-transparent and time-consuming. Employees don’t get the information they need. Customers and suppliers feel this lack of competence, whether consciously or unconsciously.

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Like a CRM – all relevant data about the business partner available in Outlook

Arca Regler GmbH
Auer Lighting GmbH
CONTA-CLIP Verbindungstechnik GmbH
Kistler Instrumente AG
Raiffeisen Waren-Zentrale Rhein-Main eG
Rauch Möbelwerke GmbH

Recommended by SAP customers

“We use the MailCenter Outlook add-in. Users praise the ease of use and fast processing. The flexible scaling for other SAP objects is also very positive.”

ROHDE & SCHWARZ GmbH & Co. KGKlaus Schiffer, SAP Basis Administrator

“Our purchasing department sends orders to our suppliers from SAP. In return, we wanted to attach incoming order confirmations and other replies to the corresponding order by e-mail in order to bundle related information. There is nothing comparable on the market for this.”

DSL Defence Service Logistics GmbHAxel Zimmer, IT Department

“The implementation of MailCenter in our purchasing processes has made our work much more efficient and up-to-date . Together with the Outlook add-in for incoming emails, we have a 100% solution.”

Rauch Möbelwerke GmbH
Rauch Möbelwerke GmbHKlaus Hefner, SAP Module Manager MM Purchasing

Success Story SAP Mail Success Story - Rohde and Schwarz width=

Connect SAP and Outlook.

Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

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Articles Article Sapport 05/2023

Communicate better and faster via email.

S@pport Magazine

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Application Examples SAP Outlook Integration

MS Outlook

View in Outlook for SAP business partners and SAP operations

View in Outlook for SAP business partners and SAP operations

Storing Documents in SAP

In the best case, the associated SAP business partner and the SAP process are automatically determined for an e-mail. Select the desired message and open the application with one click. Press the “Run” button. The e-mail or attachment is thus archived on the SAP document and can be viewed by all responsible users. ready!


SAP Outlook Inbox - Receive Report on Order

MailCenter Journal in SAP with stored documents

Result in SAP

The uploaded document is now available in the MailCenter Attachments list. You open filed documents in SAP with double-click. These are now available to any user who is authorized to access the sales order. This creates maximum transparency and saves search times.

Other SAP application examples

  • MM – Depositing order confirmations and delivery notifications from the supplier to orders
  • MM – Create SAP purchase orders and framework agreements directly from the e-mail
  • MM and SD – Deposit customer and supplier correspondence on various objects in sales and purchasing
  • SD – Immediate creation of quotations, customer orders and contracts
  • CS – Message Creation in SAP directly from the Inbox
  • QM – Dropping pictures and test reports
  • … and many more

Why SAP Outlook Integration?

Constantly switching between programs is unproductive

A study by McKinsey shows that employees spend 28% of their working time working on emails. They also spend 20% of their time searching for information.

Many SAP users have to work with SAP and Outlook at the same time. They spend a large part of their working time jumping back and forth between the two applications. This comes at the expense of productivity.

With the integration of Microsoft Outlook and SAP, employees have new opportunities. You can create new SAP processes and edit existing processes directly from your inbox. Important e-mails can be linked to the appropriate SAP object with one click. In doing so, they become visible on business objects such as sales orders or purchase orders. This makes operations more transparent.

The integration can automatically match senders of incoming messages with the SAP business partner. In doing so, it displays the relevant data directly in Outlook.

By storing documents in SAP, it is not only the individual processor who benefits. The entire team has access to the history of communication at any time.

In short, this integration makes work easier. Search times are reduced. This makes the work easier, faster and better.

Store documents and e-mails centrally in SAP ERP

Employees receive e-mails every day that contain important information about SAP business transactions. Searching for these processes in SAP and Outlook is time-consuming. We have improved the MailCenter by adding the SAP Outlook Connector. This allows us to move messages from the inbox to the SAP ERP system. This increases transparency, reduces the workload of employees and improves access to information.

Basically, the problem exists in all departments. For example, sales employees receive additional information about offers. Or the users in purchasing receive feedback on inquiries. Suppliers confirm orders. Colleagues in the service receive inquiries about existing service messages.

Without a central storage of e-mails in SAP, the processes are incomplete for the users. As a rule, there is no access to the inbox of your colleague. As a result, processes are difficult to understand and non-transparent. As a result, employees need more time to find information.

In many cases, you will lose valuable time in the event of inquiries from customers and suppliers. During the phone call, the search for the associated e-mails for the operation takes place. Sometimes the incoming messages are dormant in a colleague’s mailbox. As a result, no access to these documents is possible.

But how can incoming documents be connected to the business objects in SAP? Some users realize the assignment of the e-mails to operations manually via SAP upload. However, this is cumbersome, time-consuming and error-prone.

There is a desire to store mails from the inbox in SAP ERP. The aim is to store correspondence with business partners centrally and transparently. This means that the responsible employees have access to it at any time. Finally, the relevant correspondence must be visible to all responsible users. Cleanly documented processes make work easier. As a result, search times and thus costs are reduced. In addition, the quality of service is improving.

Creating, modifying, and displaying SAP Business objects

A real-life example – service employees cumbersome to manually send messages to SAP from incoming mail operations. Without an add-on, a message is recorded in the ERP after the message is received in the inbox. Then save the mail to your desktop. In a further step, you link the incoming mail to the created message.

This process is cumbersome. As a result, it costs the employee time and is prone to errors.

With this add-in, you can create or change SAP objects such as a service notification directly from the inbox. In addition, you link the Outlook mails to the created SAP object. All this works at the touch of a button in one step. This make the process simple and safe.

Finally, you can see the documentation of the mail traffic in the message at any time. The linking of the business object and incoming e-mails ensures transparency for the user.

Find out now for which scenarios you can use our solution.

The Solution – MailCenter Add-In for Microsoft Outlook

With SAP Outlook integration , you make work much easier for your SAP users.

Software Highlights & Benefits

  • Display master data, transaction data, and contact persons for the SAP business partner directly in Outlook
  • Create, change, and display SAP transactions from Outlook
  • Easy mail storage in SAP
  • Central storage, transparent communication
  • Fewer search times
  • 100 user-oriented solution
  • Easy installation and configuration via Quick Start Guide

Features – SAP Outlook Connector


  • Automatic search of the SAP object for the e-mail in the inbox
  • Automatic identification of business partners
  • Submitted tasks receive a new status in Outlook

Create, modify, display

  • Create, change, and display SAP transactions directly from e-mail
  • Inclusion of documents in the attachment list of SAP objects
  • Definition of different user groups
  • Notification can be created in SAP directly from the inbox

File and archive

  • Direct and easy filing from the inbox to all SAP Business objects
  • Function to categorize messages before archiving
  • Archiving incoming e-mail via the ArchiveLink interface


  • Display master data, transaction data, and contact persons (contacts) for the SAP business partner directly in Outlook
  • Search for SAP operations in Outlook
  • E-mails about the services to the object can be viewed by users in SAP
  • The integrated viewer displays the document in SAP as it did in the original


  • 100 user-oriented solution
  • Easy installation and configuration via Quick Start Guide

Benefits of integrating Outlook and SAP for your business

Important data visible in Outlook and at the SAP process

  • Easier external and internal communication
  • Improved visibility, fast access, fewer searches
  • More efficient work, higher service quality


  • Improved quality of operation processing
  • No media breaks, minimizing errors

Easy to us

  • Simple, user-friendly handling
  • User satisfaction

Easy implementation

  • Short introduction time, modification-free and releaseable
  • No additional hardware or software required

SAP Outlook Integration Solution Scope

The software is available for multiple versions of Microsoft Office. These include Office Outlook 2013 (32-bit), 2016 (32-bit + 64-bit), 2019 (32-bit + 64-bit), 2021 (32-bit + 64-bit), and MS Office 365. The application is also available in German and English. In addition to the provision of the programs, we take over the initial setup.

In any case, the program is easy and quick to implement. You don’t need any other hardware or software. Simply store the mails in SAP. Turn your SAP ERP into a digital post office.

Quick setup of integration through standardized procedure

The SAP configuration is based on the standardized project roadmap. For this purpose, we determine your requirements at the start of the project with the help of a predefined list of questions. The transports are then imported and the test system and client are configured. In doing so, we adapt the product exactly to your needs. Finally, you will receive the briefing. This standardized approach speeds up implementation and conserve your resources.

You will also receive documentation of the technical settings and one regarding the application. Finally, selected key users check the correct setup of the SAP Outlook application. At this stage, our consultants will provide you with advice and assistance. During the production start and operation phase, you will receive support from our support.

In addition, our service support ensures the smooth operation of the SAP expansion in your company. In addition, we provide you with regularly updated program versions via our customer portal. For this purpose, you as a customer will have access to the Download area MailCenter. There you will find all documents and documents as well as updates to the program.

Do you have any questions? Talk to one of our experts about SAP Outlook Integration for free now. Give us a call!

You can easily reach us by phone at +49 (0) 89 2154 689 80 or via our contact form. We are always at your disposal (from Mon – Fri from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.).

SAP Outlook Integration MailCenter Add-on
With the SAP add-on for MS Outlook, many companies experience a significant simplification of their processes. This improves and accelerates your business. Convince yourself of the benefits of this integration during a live product demo. Please contact us today.

Many SAP customers trust our solution. Take a look at our references.

Would you like to learn more about our add-ons and solutions such as MailCenter, Monitoring and IDocMonitor? Talk to us. We look forward to hearing from you.


  • Setup & Instruction SAP ERP Outlook Integration
  • Installation of SAP component via the Transport Management System
  • Technical implementation web service reception in ERP
  • Instruction on how to install and configure the integration at the workstations
  • Introduction to the configuration and functions in Microsoft Outlook Integration
  • Accompaniment Test & Production Documentation
  • Service & Support Hotline, Helpdesk and Portal

System requirement

Product versions from:

  • EHP2 FOR SAP ERP 6.0
  • SAP ERP 6.0

For Microsoft Add-On:

  • .NET Framework version 4 or later
  • Microsoft Outlook

Software component versions from:

  • MESERP | MailCenter | Release 22-08 (08/2022)

Also for SAP S/4HANA – from SAP S/4HANA ON-PREMISE 1511

Technical Data

  • Component SAP server with ABAP and ABAP Objects
  • Client based on Microsoft .NET with web service technology
  • SAP Web Service Infrastructure
  • Suitable for single sign-on scenarios
  • For SAP ERP and S/4 (not suitable for CRM and cloud solutions)
  • No settings required for input in the SCOT

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