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Send SAP reminder by e-mail

Efficient dunning process

Quote by Uwe Schmidt - Baier and Schneider“The MailCenter is easy to use and can be flexibly adapted to the different business processes. A positive aspect is the enormous savings in postage costs by sending order confirmations, shipping notifications, invoices and reminders by personalized e-mail.”

Uwe Schmidt, Information Systems and Organization at Baier und Schneider GmbH

SAP reminder by e-mail

This is how easy it is to speed up the dunning process

By sending an SAP reminder by e-mail, you reduce costs and optimize cash flow. This saves you time and costs as opposed to sending reminders by post. The cost of printing the mail is no longer necessary. If you send reminders by e-mail, they are faster with the debtor. As a result, you will get your money faster.

With the MailCenter, you can automatically add the affected invoices as an attachment if necessary. In doing so, they reduce the number of queries from the customer.

Would you like to send reminders by e-mail? We have the right software for this with the MailCenter!

Our offer

  1. Accelerated transaction processing
  2. Easily and flexibly customize mail title and text (mailbody)
  3. 100 user-oriented solution

Application example dunning

Mahnung Mail Screenshot

Mahnung email Formular

Reminder document sent by mail

Which reminders send by e-mail?

The reminders to the debtor can be sent by letter, fax and e-mail. In practice, several reminder levels are common. 3 levels have proved their worth here. Basically, reminders serve as reminders. Only the order for payment issued by the district court has a legal effect. There are no legal provisions on the number of extrajudicial reminders and on the reminder intervals. If the customer does not pay after several letters of formal notice, the creditor must take legal action.

Therefore, for reasons of the obligation to provide evidence, it is advisable to write the reminder in writing and send it by letter.

How does mailing work via the MailCenter?

To create the reminders, use the transaction you know. Essentially, this is the financial accounting transaction F150. Use this FI report to select the overdue open entries. The open positions of customers and vendors are automatically checked for default receivables. The dunning levels are determined according to the configuration of the dunning procedure.

MailCenter: The customer’s or vendor’s master record determines the shipping method for the reminder. There you determine whether the collection letters are printed, sent by e-mail or fax. The care of the contact persons and recipients is also done here. When sending, the reminders are attached to the e-mail as a PDF attachment. The subject, text, and signature are easy to configure. You make the corresponding pre-assignments in Customizing. You get a complete solution without having to program anything individual. Simply download, set up and start.

Who is interested in sending reminders by e-mail?

Basically for all companies that want to make the dunning process more efficient. They reduce the time and cost of sending reminders. You reduce the manual effort involved in processing reminders.

Why choose this add-on? The MailCenter is an easy-to-implement standard solution. Easy setup, flexible customization, easy application and transparent mail correspondence for the user through the MailCenter Cockpit.

If you want to improve your processes, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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