Why SAP dunning by e-mail?

By sending an SAP reminder via e-mail, you reduce costs and optimize cash flow. Because you save time and costs in contrast to reminders by post. The cost of printing is eliminated. If you send reminders by e-mail, these reminders are faster with the debtor. As a result, you get your money faster. The MailCenter also allows you to add the affected invoices automatically as attachments. You reduce additional queries from the customer.

Which reminders send by e-mail?

To deal with reminders by e-mail – this is important for all companies. Sooner or later one will certainly be dealing with an unpaid bill. The delivery of the reminders to the customer can be done by letter, by fax and by e-mail. After all, they are basically just a reminder. A legal effect has only the reminder issued by the district court. From a certain dunning stage, it is recommended for reasons of proof to write the reminder in writing and send it by letter.

How does Dunning work via the MailCenter?

To create the reminders, use the transaction known to you. The open items are automatically checked for overdue receivables. The master record of the customer or vendor selects the shipping type for the reminder. Here you specify whether reminders are printed out, sent by e-mail or by fax. Here also the appropriate contact persons and recipients are maintained.

When sending the reminders are attached as a PDF attachment to the e-mail. The subject, the text and the signature of the e-mail can be configured. The corresponding default assignments are made in Customizing.

For whom is dunning via e-mail interesting?

Basically for all companies that want to make the dunning process more efficient. You reduce the time and cost of sending reminders. They reduce the manual effort involved in processing reminders.

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