What is EDI?

Companies exchange standardized messages electronically with each other. The data exchange between business partners takes place automatically. This process is known as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). EDI allows companies to convert business data (such as purchase orders, delivery attachments, invoices and product catalogs) from their own ERP system in a structured and standardized data and send electronically in seconds.

What is the SAP PDF / EDI converter?

The PDF / EDI converter helps optimize your business documents for electronic data exchange. With this component, you can create multiple PDF documents to a summarized document (merge), convert different formats to PDF and make a conversion to PDF / A standard if necessary.

In addition, the converter offers the possibility of translating business documents from SAP in several formats for automated processing in the system of the recipient. Take PDF / EDI converter to be safer and easier to communicate with your business partners.

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For whom is this SAP PDF / EDI converter is interesting?

This component, for example, the supplier can automate electronic invoicing (e-Invoicing) send to its customers. With the service the required data in an XML or any target format are converted. The purchaser receives the PDF invoice and an e-Invoice (XML or other format) with the main header and item data for an audit.

The PDF / EDI converter supports your electronic processes and improved trade relations with your business partners. As a supplier, you offer your customers added value.

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What is PDF/A?

PDF/A is a format for long-term archiving of digital documents. It has been standardized by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) as a subset of the Portable Document Format (PDF). This standard specifies how the elements of the PDF versions must be used with regard to the long-term archiving.