SAP XRechnung and ZUGFeRD - Add-On

Mailcenter Add-on

SAP XRechnung and ZUGFeRD – Add-On

Install and get started – The MailCenter extension SAP XRechnung.
The solution for suppliers of public buyers (and from 2025 also for B2B).

  • Simple Creation of e-invoices (XRechnung and ZUGFeRD) directly in SAP
  • Fully integrated solution with SAP
  • Low effort required for configuration
  • XRechnungen in EU-wide standardized XML format
  • Flexible framework allows the implementation of further standards

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Fantastically easy with the MailCenter

Secure creation and transfer of invoices in XRechnung format

Create SAP XRechnung

Our MailCenter E-Invoice add-on enables companies to create, process and send XRechnungen directly in their SAP system – quickly, easily and in compliance with legal requirements. Existing SAP systems are not designed for the creation and processing of XRechnung by default. With our add-on, you can generate your invoices correctly, efficiently and in compliance with the law. All you have to do is add our extension to your SAP system and configure it briefly. Our solution integrates seamlessly with your existing SAP system, helping you meet new requirements and increase operational efficiency.

What is XRechnung?

XRechnung is a standardized format for electronic invoices, based on the European standard EN 16931. It was developed to ensure the uniform and automated exchange of invoice information between companies and public administrations in the EU.

Why is XRechnung becoming increasingly important for companies?

With the increasing digitization of accounting and the legal obligation to accept electronic invoices in the public sector, XRechnung is becoming essential. It enables automated processing, reduces administrative effort, minimizes errors and lowers costs. In addition, the use of electronic invoices contributes to sustainability by reducing paper consumption.

E-invoicing obligation from 2025

From 2025, the e-invoicing obligation in Germany will be extended to the entire B2B sector. All companies will then have to issue invoices electronically and in XRechnung format. This regulation promotes digital transformation, increases efficiency and transparency in accounting, and forces companies to modernize their processes.
Are you looking for a simple solution for sending electronic invoices in SAP ECC or S4/HANA? Then our MailCenter software is the right choice. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

sap xrechnung & zugferd

Background and Introduction – Video

SAP Mail Center

Recommended by customers

“The fact that you can combine invoices and attachments within one email is a major advantage of the solution for us.”

Duisburger Versorgungs- und Verkehrsgesellschaft mbHWolfgang Scheffler, SAP Senior Consultant Logistics/Accounting (Project Management)

“Thanks to its dialog options, the MailCenter also ensures better accounts receivable management and clean, always up-to-date master data in our accounting”

Pneuhage Management GmbH & Co. KGLuigi Borella, Application Support WWS Team/ Corporate Controlling
Arca Regler GmbH
Kistler Instrumente AG
Raiffeisen Waren-Zentrale Rhein-Main eG
think about IT GmbH


Zitat von Wolfgang Scheffler - DVVXRechnung and ZUGFeRD – “With the MailCenter, we are advancing digitization in the company.”

Wolfgang Scheffler, SAP Senior Consultant Logistics/Accounting (Project Management) | Duisburger Versorgungs- und Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH

References SAP Mail Success Story - DVVSuccess Story

Advancing digitalization and meeting legal requirements.

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Relationship management by sending invoices.

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Companies trust MailCenter


Facts and figures about the MailCenter software

sap-silver partners

SAP Certification MailCenter for munich enterprise software GmbH

certified access point

DEKRA Certificate ISO 9001

Example – What does an XRechung look like?

SAP Xrechnung XML Example

xml file to Leitweg ID 123456XX

Do you have any questions about the product? We would be happy to advise you in a personal conversation.


FAQ – MailCenter XRechnung

Starting situation

The XInvoice specifies a digital format for electronic invoicing. It was determined by the IT Planning Council for the Federal and State Governments.
In this way, Germany is creating a uniform format for electronic invoicing. This is in line with the requirements at European level under EU Directive 2014/55/EU. As an electronic invoice, only this format is accepted by all contracting authorities in the public sector.
Conventional invoicing by paper or simple PDF is no longer possible. Each country has its own peculiarities and formats.
E-RECHNUNG.GV.AT is the method of sending electronic invoices to the public administration. Companies in Austria.

From 2025, e-invoicing will be mandatory in Germany. XRehnung can also be used for this.

More details in the blog: XRechnung Standard.

Motivation – electronic invoicing directly from SAP ERP

Due to the obligation to use digital invoices, we have developed an extension for XRechnungen and ZUGFeRD for our MailCenter customers. Our goal is the optimal exchange of electronic invoices between business partners and authorities.
This solution is fully integrated with SAP ERP. This allows you to create, validate and send invoices according to the German XInvoice format. The creation takes place directly in the course of invoicing with SAP.

If you send electronic invoices directly from SAP to your customers, this has decisive advantages:

  • All data is processed in SAP. This means that you do not have duplicate data storage, media breaks or cumbersome communication channels.
  • Due to the simple configuration, you can make adjustments yourself in case of changes to the standard. As a result, you don’t need programming adjustments or expensive consultants.
  • Little configuration is required. This means that you are fully operational after a short time to send invoices.

We have developed a solution

This enables e-invoices to be sent via the MailCenter. The solution is suitable for SAP ERP ECC 6.0 and S/4HANA.
With our application, customers can easily generate and transfer XRechnungen and ZUGFeRD directly from the SAP system. This is because the add-on is seamlessly integrated into the system. In addition, it can be flexibly adapted to the respective business process.

MailCenter’s E-Bill add-on is a powerful extension for SAP ERP ECC 6.0 and S/4HANA systems. It enables the easy creation of electronic invoices such as XRechnungen and ZUGFeRD. This integrated application streamlines the invoicing process and provides flexibility and adaptability to various business needs.

  • Preparation of invoices
    Users can easily create invoices in XML file format directly from their SAP ERP system. The converted invoice files can be easily viewed in a viewer so that they can be found quickly.
  • Validation of XRechnations
    Our solution includes a validation tool that ensures that invoices are in the correct file format and contain complete invoice data.
    This validation process is a crucial step before sending the invoices to the public administration and prevents errors and delays.
  • Transmission of invoices
    MailCenter offers different methods and channels for sending invoices that meet different preferences and requirements. Users can approve electronic invoices for dispatch either manually or through automated processes.
    Multiple delivery channels are available, including email, online form uploads, and fully automated submission via web services (PEPPOL).
  • Outgoing invoice book
    Users can access a comprehensive journal that summarizes both XRechnung and ZUGFeRD invoices in a single overview.
    Electronic invoices can be viewed in a variety of formats, including PDF files or HTML pages, improving accessibility and ease of use.
  • Master data management and customization
    The application allows users to maintain important data relevant to the invoicing process, such as route IDs, invoice formats, and recipient information.
    Customization options are available to tailor the process and application to the specific needs of the business.
  • Route ID Management
    To ensure the correct delivery of supplier invoices to the right recipients, our solution uses a route ID system.
    Recipients must provide their Route ID to facilitate the smooth exchange of electronic invoices.

Other features:

  • The MailCenter E-Invoice add-on generates invoices in the EU-wide standardized XML UBL format
  • UBL XML Invoices (UBL Invoice) and Credit Notes (UBL CreditNote)
  • Checking the UBL XML for schema conformity
  • Management and reporting of processes via a central cockpit
  • In the standard version, documents can be archived via SAP ArchiveLink.

Certified Peppol Access Point

MailCenter is proud to be certified as a Peppol Access Point, which ensures secure and compliant electronic invoicing.

certified access point

We are certified Peppol Access Point

What is Peppol?

The Pan-European Public Procurement OnLine (PEPPOL) is an international project. It is used to standardise cross-border, electronically supported public procurement procedures within the European Union.
The aim is to speed up the electronically supported public tendering and procurement process and thus save costs.
PEPPOL supports E-invoicing Directive 2014/55/EU. HOWEVER, PEPPOL is not limited to the exchange of invoices (E-Invoicing) such as ZUGFeRD. It covers the entire electronic procurement process.
PEPPOL allows the exchange with all registered partners in the network via a connection. Access is via so-called access points.

Benefits of PEPPOL

PEPPOL brings benefits to public and private organizations. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Cost savings: PEPPOL’s streamlined processes lead to significant cost reductions in public procurement.
  • Greater efficiency: Electronic procurement via PEPPOL speeds up the tendering and procurement processes, resulting in faster results.
  • PEPPOL follows the EU Directive 2014/55/EU on electronic invoicing and complies with EU regulations.
  • Secure communication: Encrypted communication via AS4, SSL and TLS guarantees the security of sensitive information.
  • Reliability: PEPPOL provides shipping and technical confirmations that guarantee users a successful transaction.
  • Wide connectivity: PEPPOL allows exchanges with all partners registered in the network through a single connection.
  • Uniform standards: The use of defined standards such as UBL ensures uniform communication.

More details in the blog: Peppol Network.

Scope of the solution

The application is available in German and English.
In addition to the provision of the programs, we take over the initial setup.

In any case, the program is easy and quick to implement.
You don’t need any other hardware or software.

Our services

  • Installation via the Transport Management System
  • Technical Settings in SAP
  • Configuration of the application according to the needs of your users
  • Functional instruction, handover and support
  • Technical documentation
  • Documentation for users
  • Update Management Support
  • Support hotline, helpdesk and portal

Implementation – Quick setup of the integration through standardized procedure

The initial setup takes place after delivery of the application on the basis of a standardized project roadmap.

Based on a predefined questionnaire, we determine your requirements. This information will be used to adapt the product to your needs. We have incorporated the experience gained from a variety of customer projects into this implementation guide. More specifically, the standardized approach speeds up implementation and conserve your resources.

After the import of the transports and the configuration in your test system, the briefing takes place.

You will receive extensive documentation of the technical settings as well as a compilation of the application functions.

During the test phase, the go-live and the operational phase, you will receive support from our team.

With our development services, we provide regularly updated versions of the program. Every customer gets access to our customer portal. Here you will find all documents and documentation as well as the patches.


System requirement

Product versions from:

  • EHP2 FOR SAP ERP 6.0
  • SAP ERP 6.0
  • SAP NETWEAVER 7.0 (SAP enhancement package 2 for SAP NetWeaver 7.0)

Software component versions from:

  • MailCenter from version 32.010 || 20-11 (11/2020)
    – SAP Product Version from SAP NETWEAVER 7.31 SP26
    – Adobe Server NW750 ADS SP-5

For both SAP ECC and S/4HANA – from SAP S/4HANA ON-PREMISE 1511

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