SAP Approval Procedure for Sales and Purchasing

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SAP release procedure

Innovative and efficient – approvals for sales and purchasing
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  • Simple and flexible definition of release strategies
  • Direct editing from email or mobile APP
  • Automatic notification of the people involved

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SAP release procedures for sales and purchasing

TOP Topic Digitization – How easy it is to speed up your approval processes

SAP Approval Procedures – The rapid and comprehensive digitization of SAP approval processes offers a lot of potential to significantly accelerate approval procedures.

In practice, however, many documents are printed out as part of approval procedures. Because you need a signature. In most cases, this is still done by hand. Paper-bound approval processes take a lot of time and resources. Documents are delayed after signing to the nearest competent body. Important deadlines and deadlines pass, efficiency decreases and archiving costs are high. In other cases, the releases take place via manual notification of those responsible by e-mail. The processing and release state is not available in SAP. The operation is non-transparent.

The switch from the classic signature folder to the electronic version directly in the SAP system offers considerable advantages.

With our add-on, the approval process is completely digital without media breakage. The SAP document passes through several processing instances and is released by the responsible persons one after the other directly in the SAP system.

SAP Release Add-on - Gene-Restriction Sprouts

Do you want to digitize your approval processes in sales and purchasing and process them directly in SAP? We have the right software for this with the MailCenter!

Our offer

  • Approval procedures for MM and SD operations
  • Automatic notification of the people involved
  • Direct processing from e-mail or APP
  • Simplified and accelerated process processing
  • 100 user-oriented solution

Originally posted by Johannes Fliegen- Arca Regler“Especially in times of increasing home office operation, it became clear how paper-based approval procedures delay decisions. Via app, our purchasing or sales managers can now easily grant approvals at any time and anywhere.”

ARCA Regler GmbH
Johannes Fliegen, Managing Director

Application example Release Sales

How do the release procedures work?

Before you can start setting up distribution procedures, you must define the rules that apply in your company. For implementation, it can be useful to present the rulebook in table form.

Suppose that in a company, order confirmations for customer orders must be released before shipping to the customer. For sales orders of order type TA and ZTA up to a value of 10,000 €, it is sufficient for a colleague from the Processing team to review and release the task. This must not be the same colleague who recorded the order. In the case of order confirmations up to €50,000, the team leader must also release the clerk. If the sales order has a value of more than 50,000 € is additionally necessary for approval by the management.

This results in the following release matrix:

sap release procedure matrix responsible employees

SAP Release Procedure Matrix Responsible Employees

Necessary Settings – This matrix is then used to set up the Sales or Purchase release procedures. Both the hierarchy of users who release documents within the approval process, as well as the amount limits and other characteristics are maintained in the system before the application is used. The complexity of the release, whether single-level or multi-level, depends on your needs.

You make the corresponding settings in Customizing as well as in the application. You get a complete solution without having to program anything individual. Simply download, set up and start.

Notification system – After an SAP document has been entered or modified, a process is forwarded to the responsible contact persons. Notification by e-mail or APP is used to ensure the approval process. Users who are to approve a document are notified when a document is pending release. In the e-mail notification you will find a direct link to the documents to be released. You can jump directly into the application and initiate the share. These notification components are sold separately.

Release – The release takes place for SAP GUI, SAP Fiori transactions or via the mobile APP. The selection of the relevant operations is done with the appropriate key / code and group, which is maintained in the authorizations for the respective user.

SAP Release Procedure

SAP Approval Procedure SD Sales – Transaction /MESERP/ST_SD28

SAP Approval Procedure SD Sales

SAP Approval Procedure SD Sales – Transaction /MESERP/ST_SD28

Basic Functions Sales

  • Basis to replace manual signature procedures in distribution with electronic ones and to uphold the four-eyes principle
  • Release procedure with classification for sales documents
  • Simple and flexible definition of release strategies
  • Intuitive processing of the release in SAP GUI and Fiori (fiorized)

Additional functions for notification and editing

via mobile app

  • Share MM and SD operations on your smartphone or tablet
  • Notification of responsible persons via push notification
  • Directly sharing operations from the app
  • Withdrawal of releases possible
  • 100% integration in SAP standard processes

by e-mail

  • Definieren von Regeln zur Überwachung der Einkaufs- und Vertriebsfreigaben
  • Creation of e-mails for blocked documents to the responsible processor
  • Processing and document release are done directly from the e-mail
  • Very simple configuration
MC Release App Freigabeprozess SAP munich iOS App

Approval via Mobile APP

Who are interested in the SAP release procedures?

Basically for all companies that want to make the approval process more efficient. They reduce time and costs. You also reduce the manual effort involved in editing shares. By switching to an electronic approval process, many disadvantages of paper-based approval processes can be avoided.

Why choose our add-on? The MailCenter share add-ons are easy-to-implement standard solutions. Easy to set up and use. You immediately benefit from the simplified and accelerated approval processes. Guaranteed!

Make the most of the potential of digitalization for your company! This will lay the foundation for staying competitive in the long term. We help you with digital topics with practical problem solutions and innovative approaches.

If you want to improve your processes, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

System requirement

Product versions from:

  • EHP2 FOR SAP ERP 6.0
  • SAP ERP 6.0

Also for SAP S/4HANA – from SAP S/4HANA ON-PREMISE 1511

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