SAP iPhone - KPI Monitor APP for Managers

SAP iPhone – KPI Monitor APP for Managers

Current key figures from SAP in real time
on your mobile device

SAP iPhone and iPad – mobile SAP for decision makers

SAP iPhone – the “ERPSales” app visualizes key figures from SAP in real time on your mobile device. This KPI dashboard shows you where your company is at any time and up-to-date. Because in order to achieve goals, you have to be constantly up to date. This applies to managing directors, managers and also to sales employees. Basically, they need to see in a timely manner whether the chosen strategy leads to the goal. For this it is important to know what is happening in the market, what is the competition doing and, above all, how does your own company develop? These operational key figures are of central importance for this.

Our offer

  • Permanent availability of key SAP key figures
  • Always up-to-date, regardless of location and time
  • No more paper reporting or annoying Excel spreadsheets
  • For all Apple iPhone and iPad devices

ERP Sales

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SAP iPhone APP - Anzeige der Kennzahlen auf IOS Geräte

In any case, key figures such as sales, order intake and costs always play a major role in practice. As a result, you should always keep a constant eye on these figures from SAP. Unfortunately, this is not always possible for management for many reasons.

“Basically, managers and managing directors rarely look into their SAP system themselves in order to get the business figures. Thus, they are always dependent on other employees who provide them with the statistics.” (Thilo Kiefer, product manager for mobile SAP iOS applications on iPhone and iPad at munich enterprise software).

Permanent availability of key operational figures from SAP on Apple mobile devices

Want to replace paper reporting or annoying Excel spreadsheets with a simple app? Would you like to be able to view the most important key figures of your company on the go? Best presented simply and vividly. That’s why we developed the new SAP iOS mobile app “ERPUmsatz” for Apple iPhone and Apple iPad. As a result, managing directors, managers and sales representatives have permanent access to current business figures from SAP ERP. You are independent of place and time.

On the one hand, the app determines and visualizes sales figures for sales, order intake and costs. On the other hand, you can also easily define your own parameters. This means that these SAP key figures are available in a separate, customer-specific area of the app. There is also an integrated forecasting function. It creates data for business development from current and past data using extrapolation.

Flexible tailored to your business

Basically, they simply determine for themselves which key figures are determined and displayed. This is because the application is easy to customize with a sleek and flexible architecture.

This means that your managers, managers, sales reps are always and anywhere informed about the figures that are relevant to you. Finally, it is certain that successful managers constantly check the development of key figures.

Try now for free

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Test ERPSales for SAP iPhone and iPad without obligation! Simply download from the Apple AppStore and get started. You simply get your own picture of the application. So you can explore the possibilities that this software offers and see for yourself what you have benefit from this solution.

  • Meaningful key figures from SAP clearly in real time
  • Preparation of forecasts by extrapolation based on previous data
  • Display of sales, order intake and costs from SAP
  • Outline by organizational units and periods
  • Variation of periodicity by years, quarters or months
  • Display of top SAP customers per sales organization, sales channel or division
  • Sorting results by customer name or key figure value
  • Quick customer discovery via search bar
  • Export of key figures e.g. for sending by e-mail

Need a forecast? Based on sales in recent months, the app forecasts the history of sales for the current and subsequent periods (extrapolation and exponential smoothing). In addition, the percentage deviations to the comparable sales of the previous year are calculated.

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Benefits for usersBenefits for IT
▶ Permanent availability of key key figures from SAP
▶ Mobile access to SAP data via iPhone or iPad
▶ data also available offline
▶ Quick information gathering
▶ Easy handling
▶ Easy entry into mobility with SAP and Apple
▶ Secure investment
▶ Simple implementation with short introduction time
▶ Flexible Architecture / Expandable
▶ No middleware required
▶ Secure data transfer between Apple and SAP

The opinion of our customers

“I think the ERPSales application is an excellent tool. In today’s decentralized world of work, I am always and everywhere informed with this tool.”

Johannes FliegenHead of the Company | ARTES VALVE & SERVICE Ltd.

“A great app that is especially interesting for executives (managing directors and department heads). This application is a great opportunity for IT to draw the attention of the company management in particular to the many possibilities offered by SAP and to arouse interest in further possibilities. Thanks to the option ‘Special key figures’, the app is also able to respond to our special requests. The ERPUmsatz is easy to install and intuitive to use, as an IT manager and user you don’t have to be an expert.”

Arca Regler GmbH
Andreas SchümmelfederHead of IT | ARCA Regler GmbH

Do you want individual SAP Apple apps for your business?

We also work with you to develop ideas on how to use an Apple iPhone or iPad application with SAP integration for your business. Our team of SAP experts and IT architects will help you realize your individual solutions.

Examples of individual SAP Apple Business apps could be:

  • Current key figures e.B. from sales, controlling, financial accounting
  • Contact details of sales contacts
  • Notification when offers and orders are received above a threshold value

SAP iPhone individuelle SAP Apple App für Ihr Business

Special SAP key figures for the customer?

Your management needs a management information system (MIS) with additional key figures? Nothing easier than that.

Thanks to the sleek and flexible architecture, the application can be customized and easily adapted to your requirements. This provides own key figures such as inventory, order backlog, WIP and values of ledger accounts on the terminal. No adjustments are necessary on the mobile application. Finally, the figures are integrated into the ERP revenue monitor by purely server-side SAP ABAP programming.

Visualize and monitor your sales and business metrics with this application for Apple devices like iPhone and iPad for your business!

SAP and Apple

SAP and Apple announced a partnership in 2016 to revolutionize mobile work experience for enterprise customers of all sizes. The partners want to combine apps for iPhone® and iPad® with the most advanced features of the SAP HANA platform. This joint effort will also provide a new Apple iOS Software Development Kit (SDK). Apple CEO Tim Cook says the partnership will significantly change the way iPhone and iPad are used in the company. It is a combination of innovation and security of Apple iOS with SAP’s extensive expertise in enterprise software. As a leading provider of enterprise software and with a system that is involved in business processes in 76% of cases, SAP is the ideal partner.

Why mes?

At mes you will find a professional team of experienced SAP and Apple developers. As one of the first SAP partners, we have been working on mobile solutions for Apple devices. Our solutions and methods have been developed in close cooperation with our customers. They have been further developed and improved through a variety of suggestions. As a result, our SAP and Apple competencies provide you with state-of-the-art, secure and stable solutions. These have already proven their worth to numerous customers. In addition, our procedures conserve your resources. Furthermore, our work is not yet finished with the Go-Live. Of course, we will also be at your side after the introduction – mes is your SAP partner for mobile solutions!