MailCenter FAQ - Questions and Answers

MailCenter FAQ – Questions and Answers

Frequently asked questions about MailCenter and e-mail

Here you will find frequently asked questions about topics such as introduction to MailCenter, business documents by e-mail, e-mail encryption. If you have any questions about these or other topics, please contact us. We look forward to seeing you.

Determination of annual costs

Determine the cost of sending your SAP documents by post, such as ordering, quotation, order, packing slip, invoice, and so on.

According to one study, the cost of postal mail per letter is approximately EUR 3.90. (Source: Deutsche Bank Research)

Cost factors include:

  • Porto
  • Working time (printing, enveloping, franking, etc.)
  • Consumables (stationery, envelopes, printer toner)
  • Devices (printer, franking machine, envelop machine)

Discover your savings potential.

No compromises in design

E-mails, e-mail signatures and disclaimers are the electronic business cards of a company. If they are not uniform and designed in accordance with the corporate design guidelines, this has a negative impact on the external appearance of your company.

In the absence of mandatory information in the signature in commercial correspondence, such as .B. the register court or the company manager, this may even lead to an administrative penalty by the register court.

Email in corporate design:
With the MailCenter, you get all the necessary functions to design emails from SAP according to your corporate design guidelines. This includes layout design over HTML, the use of different fonts and colors, and the insertion of your logo. With your own text modules for subject, mailbody and signature, you can also safely meet the requirements for formal requirements and mandatory information imposed by the legislator.

Image, recognition and promotion:
Compliance with the Corperate design also in email traffic from SAP serves clear goals. The email must look consistent and professional. At the same time, the legal requirements must be met. The uniform external presentation in business communication with customers and suppliers improves your image, increases the recognition factor and thus promotes sales.

Increase productivity with SAP business process software via e-mail – MailCenter

The MailCenter is a comprehensive software package to organize emails and contact information within SAP. Users benefit from efficient process processing, clear management of correspondence, master data maintenance and easy operation. This increases productivity and is fun.

The SAP add-on is easy and quick to implement and requires no additional hardware.

Turn your SAP into a digital post office.

From project start to go-live

Due to the largely standardized procedure for the introduction of the MailCenter, it usually takes less than 6 weeks between the start of the project and the Go-Live.

– Questionnaire –
To accommodate the customer’s requirements, a questionnaire is sent to the client at the beginning of the project. This will be completed by the client and sent back to the project manager.

– Implementation –
The installation is based on the feedback in the questionnaire. Based on this feedback, the system settings for the delivered solution are exemplified for an organizational unit. A first functional test is carried out with the help of test data provided by the client. Further organizational units can be further configured by the customer after the handover to the client.

– Function instruction and handover –
After implementation of the solution, a function instruction and a handover to the client are carried out. After handover, the client can independently configure other sales organizations and shipping points for the respective applications.

– Accompaniment Test & Go-Live –
During the test phase of the client as well as at the time of the Go-Live, the mes project manager is always available for inquiries.

– Documentation
The final project is the extensive documentation of the implementation.

MailCenter for Sortimo International GmbH

Sortimo International GmbH has been successfully developing, manufacturing and selling tailor-made vehicle setup solutions for almost four decades.

Today’s product portfolio includes industry-specific furnishing solutions for companies in commerce, crafts and industry. Sortimo International is represented in Germany with nine branches and more than 30 Sortimo stations as well as twelve international subsidiaries in the core markets of Europe, the USA and Asia.

“Sortimo’s success depends crucially on fast and efficient communication between our business partners and our employees.” Walter Fischer, General Manager CCC – customer competence center, Sortimo International

Read more the Successstory here …

MailCenter implemented in record time at think about IT GmbH

“Less than a week passed from the order to the Go-Live. Thanks to the well-organized, structured approach, the implementation was simple and fast,” says Peter Rados, Managing Director of think about IT GmbH.

He explains: “Using a questionnaire for implementation, our requirements were specifically queried. The actual Customizing took less than a day. After a brief briefing by the staff, nothing stood in the way of the Go-Live. The SAP Add-on MailCenter of munich enterprise software is already an integral part of our day-to-day business. The processes for quotations, order confirmations and orders have become much easier. Invoices are now also sent by e-mail. Overall, the MailCenter is an investment that is worthwhile for us,” says Rados.
This was the case before the introduction of the MailCenter

In the past, it was expensive at think about IT to send business documents from the SAP system to business partners by e-mail. The documents were initially awkwardly stored in the file system before they could then be processed and sent via Outlook. Invoices used to be sent by mail rather than by e-mail.
All this was cumbersome, time-consuming and costly. In order to save process and postage costs, an appropriate add-on for e-mail shipping from SAP had to be produced. The munich enterprise software with the mail solution MailCenter was found.

SMTP Configuration

Starting with SAP Web Application Server 6.10, the SMTP protocol is supported directly by the SAP system. The exchange of e-mails between the SAP system and any SMTP-enabled mail server is thus possible without additional external components. SAP passes the e-mails in the outbox to a single mail server. Do you manage your mailboxes in an Office 365 Exchange account? To do this, you need SAP Basis 7.31 Support Package 6 and 7.21 Kernel (see Note 1747180 – SMTP via TLS and SMTP authentication). However, there is also a workaround about installing and configuring the Internet Information Server (IIS) for relay with Office 365.

If you are working with inbound processing, the e-mail can be received from any number of mail servers.


The services to the object provide generic, module non-specific functions of a shortcut list. These generic object services provide functionality that is available in different SAP applications. The functions are called and applied the same everywhere, so that the learning effort for the end users is kept low.

This simplifies and uniformly expands the application transaction menu. The services contain generally usable functions, such as creating attachments to the object, creating notes.

The Generic Object Services are thus a pure navigation service that enables access to other basic services, such as .B SAPOffice (SOFF), ArchiveLink.

What is BDS and BDN?

The Business Document Service (BDS) is a common and easy-to-integrate document management functionality for various applications. The BDS already provides basic services for administration. The Business Document Navigator (BDN) is the user interface (UI) for the BDS.

BDS / BDN is a kind of hybrid solution that combines both ArchiveLink and KPro functions.

It was originally intended as an easy-to-integrate document management functionality for the various SAP applications as well as an extension to ArchivLink.

There is no start transaction for the BDN/BDS. Access is expected to be through integration into other applications or modules.

For customers who value corporate design, the question arises as to how images should be embedded in the e-mail. This is usually an issue in the signature.

Email Signature – Embed images

When an image is integrated into the e-mail, an internal, embedded element is created. Every now and then, spam filters are triggered by this technique, the e-mails are displayed by mistake with attachments, or the e-mail is displayed without an image. That is not so nice, of course.

Email Signature – Link Images

If you link the image in the e-mail signature, it is stored on a web server. Technically, the image is not part of the email signature. As far as visual representation is concerned, the recipient of the email should not notice any difference. Of course, it is important that this URL is always valid. Otherwise, the receiver sees a red cross at this point.

In principle, we recommend linking images to a URL and not embedding them in the email.

Emails can be signed and encrypted using the S/MIME standard. This is possible from SAP BASIS 7.31 SP2. At lower release levels, secured messages can be sent through the Secure E-mail proxy. Alternatively, encryption can be done via the SMTP server.