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The SAP add-on for easy maintenance of
Order confirmations and delivery notifications for orders

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Easy maintenance of order confirmations and delivery notifications for orders

How to save a lot of time in your shopping

The confirmation cockpit for orders is used for the mass recording of order confirmations and delivery notifications for order lines.

Easy maintenance of order confirmations and delivery notifications for orders. If you record the order confirmations and delivery notifications from your suppliers to the orders in the purchase, many individual steps are required in the SAP Standard.
With the Advanced Order Confirmation add-on, you reduce these steps to a minimum. This saves time and money. The application is fully integrated with SAP ERP. Simply play in and start immediately without configuration.

Do you want to simplify your maintenance of confirmations from the supplier? We have the right software for this with the MailCenter!

Our offer

  1. Optimum support for the registration process for order confirmations and delivery notifications
  2. Accelerated transaction processing
  3. Intuitive operation
  4. Easy installation and configuration

Application example Extended order confirmation

SAP Order Confirmation

Care SAP Order Confirmation

How does Extended Order Confirmation work?

  • Individual or en masse recording of order confirmations for purchase order lines
  • Supports different types of confirmations
  • Selection of schedule lines for purchase orders with quantities to be confirmed
  • Flexible adjustment of the work stock
  • Display of purchase order lines with jump to the operation
  • Maintenance and deletion for one or more purchase order lines (also across orders)

Who is interested in SAP Extended Order Confirmation?

Basically, for all companies that want to record order confirmations and delivery notifications more easily.


Benefits for the company

  • Fast capture so that previously visible for disposition
  • Relief for routine work, thus increased user satisfaction
  • Reduced error rate leads to improved planning

Benefits for users

  • Efficient process processing to save time
  • Easy, easy-to-use handling, low training

Benefits for IT

  • Easy implementation and short roll-out time that saves resources
  • Modification-free and releaseable
  • No more hardware/servers required

Why choose this add-on? The MailCenter is an easy-to-implement standard solution. Easy setup, flexible customization, easy usability and transparent mail correspondence for the user through the MailCenter Cockpit.

If you want to improve your processes, please contact us. We look forward to seeing you.

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