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MailCenter ➤ the software for the SAP mailing

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Are you looking for a professional SAP mail solution? Do your users want to send business documents quickly and efficiently via email as a pdf file from SAP? When sending mails, do you want to simply change the recipient, select several recipients, add attachments or maintain individual texts?
When we look at the processes for sending e-mails from SAP, there are numerous possibilities for optimization.

Examples of these processes can be:

  • Send SAP confirmation by email
  • Send SAP order by email
  • Send SAP invoice by email
  • Send SAP reminder by email
  • SAP Remittance by email

Would you also like to optimize your SAP processes and provide your users with a tool for mail traffic, which supports various applications to fulfill your needs? Do you want to learn more about the features that our product offers, scenarios that apply to you and how you can benefit from it? Simply contact us. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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Why to ship e-mails from SAP with the MailCenter?

With this SAP add-on, you will have access to all important functions within the ERP system such as edit, send, monitor e-mail messages, contact to organize and much more.

SAP Mail MailCenter Add-On

You benefit when sending mail from the efficient processing of transactions, the clear management of correspondence, reporting and ease of use. This add-on makes an important contribution to the optimization of processes in your company. To increase your productivity. Without postage you save on printing and mailing costs, benefit from fast delivery and shorten the time frame from sending an invoice until payment is received. You always have full transparency and accountability in mail traffic.

he program is simple and quick to implement. No additional hardware is needed. Simply send the business document from SAP – convert your ERP to a digital mailroom.

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What features are available in SAP?

With this Netweaver SAP Add-on you can edit and send the document to all operations directly from the ERP. All important basic functions for editing emails are available through the intuitive interface. These functions are located in the following groups: Sender & Receiver, Texts (html), Attachments and Reporting.

Numerous additional functions such as receiver suggestions, automatic text generation and suggestions for attachments diminishes the process steps or shortens the same. The processes can be considerably simplified. Depending on the application and business process the user can choose different methods for processing.

SAP mail output transaction – will be dispatched directly from the document, the cockpit or automatically in the background. An order in the form of a PDF document can be quickly and easily sent from the transaction for document processing. An invoice could be sent if preferred in the background. With ABAP enhancements, specific user requirements, can be implemented.

In the field reports our customers learn more about how you can benefit from the functions of the MailCenter.

Recipient and Sender

  • Automatic sender and receiver determination
  • Determination of addresses from various areas of the master data
  • Several To, Cc and Bcc recipients
  • Easy maintenance of addresses
  • Automatic determination of the sender
  • Determining the address of the sender from different SAP ERP data sources
  • Easy maintenance for CpD account (Conto-per-Various)
  • Tools for maintaining master data with Outlook integration

Text and Attachment

  • Design subject, body, signature and disclaimer with HTML
  • Text modules for different languages
  • Text suggestions and generation depending on the procedure by hyperlinks
  • Manage text with required information for external communication
  • Formatting of texts in corporate design
  • Plants added automatically or manually for example for an order
  • Systems from a file, the Generic Object Services with SAPOffice and ArchiveLink documents or DMS Document Management
  • Send a business document in PDF and / or XML format (default = .pdf file) in the plants – SAP mail delivery with a PDF attachment
  • SAP PDF / EDI converter : PDF summary and conversions of all types with PDF2EDI and auto-gration
  • Integrated solutions for Tracking

Edit and Send

  • Creating and editing the application object (order, purchase order, …)
  • Use of central cockpits
  • Sending a message from standard transactions
  • Sending a message from a central overview
  • Sending a message in batch
  • Repetition of messages
  • User information or alternative address for transmission errors by workflow Express mail
  • Optional link with Business Workplace
  • Ship via SAPConnect SMTP noden

Customizing und Reporting

  • Comprehensive functions for search and reporting within ERP
  • Information on open and sent e-mails with sent status via GOS link in the document
  • Creation of individual selection variants
  • View documents with send errors and send again
  • Flexible adaptation of the mail shipment to the respective process for the user
  • Numerous possibilities for adjusting the application through customizing and user exits
  • Organizational, task and user-dependent settings
  • Workflow


Single or multiple recipients – effort is diminished during the mail delivery in both cases. Take advantage of functions for the automatic generation of texts or write when required an individual text. Bind additional plants to the standard PDF document as well as ad hoc from SAP and non-SAP sources.


The mails are sent from the document (e.g., order), over stock or automatically in the background. SAP MAIL sends transactions as needed by your business process: directly from ERP or through the Microsoft Outlook integration. Sent from SAP – when needed: once from the document, from the cockpit or to a self-determined time.


Regardless of whether you send an order confirmation, order or invoice – keep sending mail, always track of what is sent and what still needs to be edited. A report provides information on the shipping status. The comprehensive reporting and easy access to the essential information create the necessary transparency.


The functions for e-mail on SAP can be flexibly adapted to your needs. The business process is now exactly as you need it. The layout is set by yourself on your own corporate design. With HTML your messages get the right form. To Go function: maintaining the relevant data for the SAP mail delivery directly in the document.

What is Included in the Solution for e-mail from SAP?

The SAP add-on will be offered as a standard solution. The application is available in German and English. In addition to offer the software we undertake the initial setup. The installation takes place after delivery of the application using a standardized project roadmap. Based on a predefined list of questions, we determine your requirements. Using this information, the product is adapted to your needs.

We have incorporated the experience from a variety of customer projects in this implementation guide. The standardized approach accelerates deployment and protects your resources. After setting up the transports and configuration of your test system, follows the instruction of the essential functions of the MailCenter.

You will receive a comprehensive documentation of the technical settings and documentation of application functions. Then examine selected key users if the application is set as desired. Our consultants will be available to help and provide advice. After the productive start and in the operating phase, your company receives support from our Support Team.

Extensive support services ensure the smooth and stable operation of the application in your company. Through our support we provide regularly updated program versions. Each customer gets access to our customer portal . Here are all the important documents and documentation, as well as patches for the software for system administration.

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Available Applications

  • Sales & Service | Urging, offer, order, contract
  • Shipping | Delivery note
  • Billing | Invoice, credit memo, cancellation
  • Shipment | Shipment Documents
  • Purchasing RFQs | Request, urging, rejection
  • Purchasing orders | Purchase order, confirmation reminder, urging
  • Framework contracts | Contract, confirmation reminder
  • Financial accounting | Reminder, payment advice, SEPA pre notification
  • Audit of accounting | Consignment, ERS-procedure
  • Subsequent billing | Agreements


  • Installation on the SAP Transport Management System
  • Technical settings for setting up SAP mail delivery
  • Configure the application to the needs of your users
  • Functional instruction, delivery and support
  • Technical Documentation
  • Documentation for users
  • Update Management Support
  • Support hotline , helpdesk and portal


  • SAP Inbox processing via Outlook Add-In
  • Tracking within the mails for ASN
  • Archiving of print news
  • Customizing message type, partner roles and partner scheme
  • Maintenance condition records for output type
  • Implementation of customized extensions
  • Consulting, configuration and optimization SAPConnect (transaction SCOT), SOST, SMTP server and SMTP Service Configuration

Technical Specifications

  • SAP Basis – NetWeaver Application Server 7.00 (ABAP)
  • Developed with ABAP and with the integrated expansion ABAP Objects
  • For S/4 HANA technology and Simple Finance
  • Object Type Business Communication Services (BCS)
  • Use of any feature of the Business Address Services (BAS)
  • Use SAPConnect and the SMTP plug-in from the Internet Communication Manager (ICM)
  • Control over the type of message
  • Microsoft Integration mit Object Linking & Embedding (OLE)

What are the Benefits of this SAP Add-On?

Productivity improvement and costs reduction are important goals for modern companies.

The requirements for shorter processing times, avoiding extra processing steps and diminished error rates are linked close together. Software development is followed by a market oriented question and answer process. The central questions on this approach are as follows: „What does the customer want?“ and „How can we achieve it?“.

With MailCenter you will obtain a tool to send and receive E-Mails, which is customizable to the requirements of the process. Therefore, it offers the user the best possible support on sending mails of business document from the ERP. Whether an individual mail process is necessary or a higher degree of automation is needed to send them. With MailCenter you will need less time for process handling. The error rate will be diminished at e-mails sending.

Company Benefits

  • Costs, resources and time savings
  • Faster ROI
  • Lasting cost reduction
  • Competitive advantage
  • Own CD with no media disruption
  • Faster delivery
  • Shortening of time until payment receipt
  • Improvement of customer satisfaction
  • Higher productivity

User Benefits

  • More efficient process handling
  • Easier handling
  • Automatic + individual Mailing
  • Easier master data maintenance
  • Central user interface (Cockpit)
  • Overview on full traffic
  • Extensive Reporting
  • Transparent and comprehensible communication

IT Benefits

  • Easy implementation
  • Short implementation time
  • Compatible with all SAP Forms-Formats
  • Modifications free
  • 100% release ability
  • No further hardware is needed
  • Higher user satisfaction

This enhancement provides your users with the best possible support for mailing business documents from ERP. Whether in purchasing, sales, service or financial accounting. You need less processing time. At the same time, you save on printing and shipping costs, the delivery of documents is faster and more secure (also abroad).

The cumbersome way to download the documents to the desktop is no longer necessary. With e-mail invoices via PDF or with electronic invoices, you shorten the period from invoicing to payment receipt. The transmission process is transparent and comprehensible.

With this open and flexible SAP Add-on, many companies experience a regular paradigm shift. Convince yourself of the advantages of this application as part of a live product demo via Web. We will also be showing you other important aspects for companies, users and IT.

Why mes?

With us as a partner, a professional team of experienced SAP project managers, consultants and developers is at your side.

Our products and procedures have been developed in close cooperation with our customers and have been further developed and improved by a variety of suggestions.

With the MailCenter, you will receive a mature solution that has already proven itself with numerous customers. It is based on state-of-the-art technology and covers all important functions of a maize solution. Our introductory approach protects your resources. But with the go-live our work is not yet finished. Even after the introduction, we are at your disposal with advice and help – mes is your SAP Partner!

Success stories …

1 Sending invoices via e-mail: In order to help the acceptance and distribution of electronic mail, especially the electronic invoices (PDF invoices) in business days, the legislator has reduced the requirements (qualified electronic signature or transmission in the EDI process) , This simplified the creation and use of the electronic invoices for the bill and the recipient. You will find more useful articles and news on the topics “Creating electronic invoices” and “Mails with PDF invoices” in our forum Find out more.

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