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MailCenter is the platform for SAP to make digital communication efficient. It supports the exchange of electronic documents with business partners, externally and internally. A true SAP innovation to optimize communication and automation. With the help of modern information and communication technology, you can optimize your value chain and expand existing content management systems. You will receive numerous new opportunities for shaping the digital transformation in your company.

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SAP Digital – Digitalization and Automation

How your company can benefit from our products

SAP Process Optimization – SAP documents can be sent and received easily, quickly and digitally from the SAP ERP system. Our platform and associated applications are important building blocks in the context of a company-wide enterprise content management strategy. The platform is 100% SAP embedded.

Depending on individual requirements, the platform can be supplemented by applications such as electronic invoices, approval procedures and Outlook integration.

What does digital transformation with SAP mean?

According to a study by the management consultancy capgemini, the requirements of the management for the IT managers are clear: We need the expansion of digitization. This is the most important of all current demands. But what does that mean? What is behind digitalization, Industry 4.0 or digital transformation? According to a survey by the management consultancy Deloitte, medium-sized companies understand everything possible by digitization. From strategic orientation to paperless office.

For us, digital transformation stands for intelligent business technologies that increasingly support companies in automating processes.

How do we distinguish the terms:

SAP Digitization – On the one hand, this means the conversion of documents and information from analog formats into digital structures. On the other hand, digitization stands for the integration of digital technologies into existing processes.

Digital Transformation – According to SAP, Digital Transformation is“an enterprise-wide initiative to integrate intelligent technology into all business areas to achieve better results and optimize performance and business processes”.

SAP Industry 4.0 – Intelligent and digitally networked systems as well as new information and communication technology are changing and optimizing industrial production.

SAP Digital – What steps are necessary for digital transformation with SAP?

SAP sees 3 important components of a digital transformation strategy here (see. Article –

1.) Digital – The digitization of manual processes.

2.) Intelligent – The integration of intelligent technologies such as AI or machine learning.

3.) Management – Understanding and implementing cultural change as a management task.

Why digitization is vital for a company

Digitalization is becoming increasingly important for companies to survive in today’s fast-paced business world.
It enables companies to streamline their operations, improve efficiency, and increase productivity.
In addition, it enables companies to reach new customers and expand into new markets through online platforms.
Digitalization also allows companies to collect and analyze massive amounts of data, which can help them make more informed decisions and improve their overall performance.
It also allows companies to automate repetitive tasks and reduce costs, which can help them increase profitability.
In short, digitalization is crucial for businesses to remain competitive and survive in today’s digital age.

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