SAP SMS – no problem with MailCenter

SAP SMS – with MailCenter you can easily send short messages from SAP applications.

SMS offers numerous advantages in dialogue with business partners. These include a high level of acceptance and a high read rate. The immediate notification of newly received text messages on the smartphone or mobile phone the recipient’s attention greater than other services. As a result, most text messages are read in no time. By SMS, over 90% of the population can be reached. That’s more than by e-mail.

SMS creates customer proximity, if, for example, you inform webshop customers about the processing of orders or if you keep your customers up to date about the current shipping status. Thus you increase the customer satisfaction and customer loyalty sustainably.
With the MailCenter you send SMS from SAP easily. The Add’On is seamlessly integrated into your SAP environment. You do not need any other hardware and software components.

SAP SMS MailCenter add-on

The SMS service

SMS stands for Short Message Service. This telecommunications service is used to transmit text messages, which are usually called text messages or SMS. As a rule, these short messages have a length of 160 characters. For longer text messages, so-called multi-SMS (Concatenated SMS, Long SMS), longer messages are split. Then the packages are sent individually as a separate text message and billed. On the side of the receiver, these individual parts are reassembled.

SAP SMS user

SAP SMS – A multitude of application possibilities

SMS messages play an increasingly important role in business communications. Similar to e-mail, SMS messages can be used universally and platform-independent for communication with business partners. In addition, SMS offers a multitude of interesting application possibilities: Manufacturers inform customers about changed delivery times, the dispatch informs the customers about the dispatch of their orders, webshop operators send order confirmations and service employees receive information about new orders.

SAP SMS with the MailCenter

With the MailCenter the SMS communication for SAP users becomes easy to use.

In addition to the unlimited worldwide shipping options, you get maximum transparency and control over the SMS communication from SAP. You can get an overview of the SAP SMS correspondence at any time, via the shipping reports or directly to the document. Fast communication..

Do you have questions about this? Would you like to know more about how to use SAP SMS? Just contact us! We look forward to you.