SAP invoice via e-mail

That’s how easy the electronic invoice has become

Email SAP invoice – you’ll cut costs, deliver faster than you can by mail and get your money back faster. You save time and costs compared to sending invoices by post. The cost of printing is eliminated. You want to deliver invoices electronically? With the MailCenter we have the right software for you.

Here you will find information about our solution as well as a short summary of various aspects concerning billing and electronic invoicing. If you have any questions, please contact us. We look forward to you.

Our offer

  1. Billing processes are significantly simplified
  2. Invoice in Corporate Design
  3. Adapting mail titles and texts easily and flexibly
  4. 100% user-oriented solution

Why send the SAP billing document electronically?

According to the BMI, more than 30 billion invoices are sent by post each year in Germany. For companies, there are various potential savings through the sending of electronic invoices. Because the electronic bill not only saves paper and postage. By sending invoices from SAP, you can solve labor-intensive and error-prone processes.

When you send invoices to your customers using MailCenter, it offers many benefits:

  • It saves on shipping and shipping costs
  • Fast delivery
  • Shortening the period from invoicing to receipt of payment
  • Safe delivery (also abroad)
  • Mail titles and texts, customize mailbody easily and flexibly
  • Corperate Design invoices with (compulsory) standard information
  • Also total bill as HTML without pdf attachment
  • The broadcasting process is transparent and comprehensible

Why an Add-On?

In addition to the basic topics, there are of course always questions about the SAP standard with mail titles and texts, body, corperate design and (mandatory) standard information with transaction SODIS. Exactly here the standard has deficits as well as with the receiver determination, mail processing, design and the administration of file attachments. Companies that use ERP and want to send documents quickly and efficiently need an additional IT solution in most cases.

An add-on that is seamlessly integrated into the system and can be flexibly adapted to the respective business process and with which e-mails can be created, edited and sent directly in the ERP backend.

Now without a digital signature

Simplification for electronic invoices

n order to help the acceptance and dissemination of the electronic mail, in particular the electronic invoices in the business everyday life to the breakthrough, the legislator has reduced the requirements (qualified electronic signature or transmission in the EDI procedure). The digital signature is no longer necessary. Since July 1, 2011, invoices can be sent electronically without having to use a digital signature.

The elimination of the electronic signature has simplified the creation and use of the electronic invoices for the biller and the recipient. Since then, the mailing of invoices has steadily increased. Of course, there are still customers who only accept paper invoices. Nevertheless, electronically sent invoices are on the rise and legally valid.

ZUGFeRD Initiative
The forum electronic invoice Germany (FeRD) has developed a common overall format for electronic invoices. The format can be used for the exchange of invoices between companies, authorities and consumers. This enables the exchange of structured data between biller and bill-to party (“ZUGFeRD” format).
The ZUGFeRD invoice format allows invoice data to be transmitted in a structured manner in a PDF file. These are read out and processed without further steps.

The FeRD bill format was developed by companies in the automotive, retail, banking, software and public sectors.

It meets the requirements of international standardization. It can also be included and used in cross-border European and international billing.

Whether and to what extent the ZUGFeRD initiative can establish itself on the market is currently questionable. So far, the format exists only for invoices. An extension to other processes is discussed.

For information on this topic as well as the topics “SAP Billing by Email”, “Mails with PDF Invoices”, “Creating Electronic Invoices” and “Sending Invoices electronically” you can contact us. We’re here to help.