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SAP Payment Avis by Mail – Improve Customer Service

SAP payment notification by mail – Payment notification is used for simplified assignment of payments to the business partner. These visas are either a payment notification, an avis for direct debit or a direct debit. The payee is signalled that a payment will be received or that a debit will be made.

SAP payment notification by e-mail has several advantages over fax or mailing. Because it is faster than by post and easier in further processing. In general, Avisen is a notification to the recipient of the expected arrival of a delivery or payment. In contrast to Avisen from logistics, payment notifications are avisas of payment transactions. The payment notification provides the payee with a payment.

With the Avis, the business partner receives detailed information about the paid items. It serves the business partner for liquidity planning, financial planning and for an easier allocation of the money order. One advantage of Mail is the faster transmission of payment notification data from the customer to the supplier. Furthermore, the data can be processed more easily in the subcontractor’s accounts.

Would you like to send Avise or Payment Notification by e-mail? We have the right software for you with the MailCenter.

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SAP Mail Zahlungsavis

Payment notification sent by e-mail via MailCenter

SEPA Direct Debit Announcement

In addition to the payment notification, this process is also used for direct debit. By means of direct debit savis, you provide the business partner with information about the entries that have been collected. With the introduction of the SEPA direct debit procedure, you must inform the customer in good time on which date and amount is collected from the bank account. This advance notice must be created and sent legally. Without this pre-notification, the business partner can reclaim the payment.

Whether the avis of payments or direct debit. It’s much easier by e-mail than by mail. Both the creation and the further processing of the business partner are more easier than with other processes.

How does the payment notification by e-mail work?

Create Avise by mail – with the MailCenter add-on it very easy. Let’s look at the payment-avis vendor case. The payment notification is sent to the e-mail addresses from the address data of the supplier. Of course, delivery to multiple e-mail recipients is also possible.

Also important is the payment notification text. With the MailCenter, the texts for subject, body and signature can be defined with text modules. Care is carried out at the organisational level.

Finally, the Annex. In the attachment of the e-mails is the payment notification as PDF. The form is created based on Smart Forms, SAPscript, or Adobe Forms. Would you like to add more attachments to the Avis? This is not a problem with the MailCenter either.

Payment notifications by e-mail are simple and transparent with the MailCenter.

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