Why SAP payment advice by e-mail?

The SAP payment advice by e-mail has several advantages compared to fax or postal delivery. Because it is faster than by post and easier in finishing. Generally speaking, a credit note is a message to the recipient about the expected arrival of a delivery or payment. In contrast to banknotes from the logistics, payment advice letters are payment advice notes. You would like to send advice notes or payment advice notes by e-mail? For this we have with the MailCenter the right software.

The payment advice notifies the payee of a payment. The payment advice gives the business partner detailed information about the paid items. It serves the business partner for liquidity planning, financial planning and for easier allocation of the money order. One of the benefits of mail is the faster transfer of payment advice information from the customer to the supplier. Furthermore, the data can be processed more easily in the accounts receivable accounting of the supplier.

In addition to the remittance advice, this process is also used for the debit advice. With debit advice, you provide the business partner with information about the withdrawn items. With the introduction of the SEPA direct debit procedure, you must inform the customer in due time on which date, which amount will be withdrawn from the bank account. This pre-announcement must be legally created and sent. Because without this Prenotification the business partner can reclaim the payment.

No matter if the payment advice or direct debit advice. E-mail is much easier than by post. Both the creation as well as the further processing with the business partner are much easier than with other procedures.

How does the payment advice by email work?

Create an e-mail via e-mail – with the Add’On MailCenter it’s very easy. Consider the case of payment advice vendor. The payment advice is sent to the e-mail addresses from the address data of the supplier. Of course, the shipping is also possible to multiple e-mail recipients.

Also important is the payment advice text. With the MailCenter, the texts for subject, body and signature can be defined using text modules. The maintenance takes place at the organizational level.

Finally, the attachment. Attached to the e-mails is the payment advice note as PDF. The form is created based on Smart Forms, SAPscript or Adobe Forms. You want to add further attachments to the advice? That too is no problem with the MailCenter.

Payment notices by e-mail are simple and transparent with the MailCenter.

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