Exchange Connector for SAP

Automatic Incoming processing of e-mails.

E-Mail Automation – It’s that easy to load e-mails directly from Exchange into the SAP system.

  • Automated further processing of incoming e-mails
  • Automatic transaction creation
  • Central, transparent storage
  • Quick ability to provide information to business partners


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MailCenter Exchange Connector for SAP

That’s how easy it is to load e-mails directly from Exchange into the SAP system.

The MailCenter Exchange Connector connects Microsoft Exchange to your SAP. MailCenter Exchange Connector loads e-mails for specific mailboxes from Exchange and processes them directly in SAP. Are you looking for automated processes? Do you want to drive digitization in your company? Then automate and optimize your processes by processing incoming e-mails as automatically as possible in SAP and triggering follow-up processes.

Service Automation Best Practices

Effective responses to customer service emails are an important factor in dealing with customer concerns. The aim is to continuously ensure compliance with customer-friendly response times. Because the good customer experience ensures long-term customer loyalty. As the number of customer inquiries received by email continues to increase, so does the challenge of email management. Requests are quickly lost in full mailboxes, and manually distributing and processing emails is error-prone, making it difficult to meet fast response time requirements. This problem can be solved by focusing on intelligent automated email management.

What is an Exchange Conenctor?

An Exchange Connector is a software component or service that acts as an interface between different systems and Microsoft Exchange Server. It enables the communication and exchange of e-mails (possibly also calendar data and contacts) and other information between Exchange Server and other systems.

Exchange Connectors are often used to establish integration between Exchange Server and external systems such as ERP, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), help desk tools, or workflow systems. They facilitate the flow of data and synchronization between the different systems to enable seamless communication and collaboration.

Depending on your requirements and supported protocols, Exchange connectors can be implemented in different ways. Some connectors use standardized protocols such as Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), while others use specific interfaces or APIs provided by their respective systems.

Exchange Connectors play an important role in integrating Exchange Server into an existing IT infrastructure and enabling collaboration between different systems and platforms. They offer flexibility and expanded opportunities for information exchange and collaboration within companies.

What are the use cases for connecting Exchange to the SAP ERP system? -Examples

Email archiving and tracking

Communication Tracking: E-mails sent or received via Exchange can be archived and tracked in the ERP system in connection with relevant business transactions, such as customer inquiries or orders.

Automated invoice processing

Automatically capture invoices: Incoming invoices can be received by email and automatically inserted into the ERP system for further processing. This reduces manual input errors and speeds up the invoice processing process.

Automated creation of processes

The incoming e-mail triggers an automatic transaction creation in SAP, such as the creation of a service order.


What does the MailCenter Exchange Connector do?

Synchronization – Request e-mails from the SAP component of the MailCenter Exchange Connector to Exchange. Sap MailCenter configures which mailboxes the Exchange Connector should access. Access is therefore focused on specific mailboxes, for example The Exchange Connector can also handle shared mailboxes. Also on the Microsoft Exchange Server you can restrict which mailbox the MailCenter Exchange Connector is allowed to access.

Transfer – The Exchange Connector transmits the e-mails from Exchange to SAP. The application retrieves the e-mails from the respective mailboxes and transfers them to the SAP system. The connector can query any number of mailboxes. The download frequency can be set in SAP up to 1 x per minute. For performance reasons, a good compromise between timeliness and system load should be found.

Processing – Processing of the e-mail in SAP, such as creating a service message. The data from the e-mail is used to determine THE SAP data such as business partner or transaction. The complete e-mail can be stored to any object via ArchivLink. Customer-specific adjustments are possible using Business Add-In (BAdI).

Completion – SAP instructs the Exchange to archive the mail. It sends configuration parameters and the information on how to archive. Adjustable scenarios for completion in Exchange are delete, move to folder (specifying folder), marking as read and marking with user-defined flags (e.B. SAPRead). The archiving types in detail are:

  • MoveToFolder: The FolderName parameter must also be specified. A subdirectory can also be specified (e.B. “MailCenterArchiv2022 1”)
  • Delete: The email is deleted.
  • SetRead: The email is marked as read. When searching for new mails, mails that are marked as read are ignored.
  • SetFlag: The tracking flag is set. When searching for new emails, emails with tracking are ignored.
  • SetCategory: The parameter “Categorie” must also be passed. When searching for new mails, emails with the defined category are ignored.


  • The incoming e-mail is immediately stored in the archive for the SAP transaction
  • The automatic business partner recognition and the central storage of e-mails for SAP documents ensure a complete and always transparent communication history
  • Time savings through automatic assignment of e-mails to business partners or processes
  • Save time by eliminating the need to search for emails in Outlook
  • Fast information ability through customer-related e-mail overview when called by the customer
  • No complicated setup of the SMTP configuration and SAP profile parameters (transaction RZ10) necessary.

With the SAP add-on, many companies experience a significant simplification of their processes. This improves and accelerates your business. Convince yourself of the advantages of this SAP Outlook integration as part of a live product demo. Please contact us today.

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