Innovative – Invoice exchange with ZUGFeRD

  • Simple Creation of e-invoices directly in SAP
  • Fully integrated solution
  • Fast implementation
  • After a short time fully operational

Process ZUGFeRD invoices with SAP

Why you should also rely on the ZUGFeRD format when exchanging invoices

The exchange of invoices eats up numerous resources in everyday business. The ZUGFeRD format has created an innovative solution for this. ZUGFeRD stands for Central User Guide of the Forum Electronic Invoice Germany.

It is a specification that enables automated exchange of invoices.

Such an e-calculation consists of two components:

  • A PDF/A3 file for long-term storage and view for users
  • An XML file for machine processing

Initiated by the Forum Electronic Invoices Germany, ZUGFeRD meets the needs of large corporations, medium-sized companies and small companies, because: It creates a uniform standard and is also compatible with SAP.

With a corresponding connection, ZUGFeRD can reduce the operational administrative effort extremely. In order to achieve this, associations, municipalities and well-known companies from a wide range of industries were involved in the development.

ZUGFeRD Invoices: Everything you need to do invoices

ZUGFeRD is generally suitable for any B2B companythat sends and receives invoices, regardless of the shipping quantity. In order to fully exploit the potential of the invoice format, it is recommended to connect SAP with ZUGFeRD.

In this way, documents can be processed, stored and integrated into the ERP workflow without human help. In addition, the format is also internationally compatible and suitable for cross-border shipping, because: it is based on the international standards UN-CEFACT and Cross Industry Invoice. In addition, it is subject to standard part 3 of the PDF/A ISO standard.

ZugFeRD has a major advantage over other formats such as EDI: no contractual agreements between the two parties are necessary for use. Of course, the data in the PDF file must match the data of the XML file to ensure lawful processing.

The use is completely free. However, an extension is neededto process ZUGFeRD invoices with SAP, because programs like Outlook are not able to do so by default.

For this reason, we offer suitable plugins with SAP Mail that make your ZUGFeRD invoices SAP-capable. Take advantage of this opportunity and save time, material and costs. Find out more here.

Our SAP ZUGFeRD add-ons

SAP Mail is our easy-to-use solution for all companies that want to integrate ZUGFeRD invoices into SAP. With our add-ons, you can secure extremely useful tools that simplify your business life enormously.

Make SAP compatible with the ZUGFeRD format. Integrate invoice output and invoice receipt into your ERP workflow. While the documents are processed automatically, you can take care of more important things.

With the SAP MailCenter you secure a complete solution, which gives you many additional possibilities:

  • Maintaining multiple recipients
  • Adding attachments
  • Improved usability
  • Simple mapping of processes
  • Assignment of objects to purchase orders and orders
  • Corporate Design
  • Customization of titles
  • Simplified invoicing process

That sounds interesting? Then contact us. In a free live demo, we will answer all questions about the integration, the processing of the invoice transfer and the functioning of SAP Mail with ZUGFeRD.

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