SAP CRM Implementation BAiO - 360 degree view of customers

SAP CRM Introduction with BAiO

Strengthen contact with your customers


Permanent 360 degree view of the customer

SAP CRM – More and more companies are facing the optimization of their sales structures. They want to make the sales front more efficient and better manage sales successes and make them easier to measure.

These requirements cannot be covered with one-dimensional customer management systems. They demand powerful tools that run through the company like a red thread. The problem in most small and medium-sized enterprises is that customer-relevant information is not permanently available.

SAP CRM – Companies face the following tasks:

  1. How is information about customers or prospects not lost?
  2. How do you ensure that employees always have all the information?
  3. How do you address new prospects according to your needs?
  4. How do I get a complete overview of the customer and activities
  5. How can one distinguish one’s competitors permanently?

SAP CRM is a consistently web-based platform for the holistic handling of all customer processes. Thus, the software brings together all sales-relevant information and control variables. Basically, the role-based functions cover every task area in sales. From day-to-day business to project tracking to analytical pipeline performance management.

With SAP CRM, you decide the competition for your customers for yourself because you put your business partners at the center of all activities.

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