Stamping documents for SAP practice

Stamping documents

Insert stamps into documents –
Thanks to MailCenter Stamp APP, it’s easy

Stamping documents from SAP

This is how easy it is to stamp additional information on documents

SAP documents are made easy to stamp – identify documents and make notes visible to business partners. Stamping documents before sending them to the business partner is similar to applying a stamp to a paper document. What they can use to provide additional information on their documents, identify documents that belong together, and print important notes for the business partner. All process-relevant information from SAP is dynamically determined and applied to the document before it is sent. They determine what information they are.

Would you like to stamp your documents from SAP? We have the right software for this with the MailCenter!

Our offer

  • Practical – AUTOMATICALLY print IMPORTANT notes from documents
  • Flexible – Create custom stamps, use cases
  • Powerful – Fast stamping of files
  • Space-saving – system resources are spared
  • Easily configurable and implementable

Examples of use – Stamping documents

Inventory note Order

sap stamp

Matrix stamp for technical stamps

Explanation Content Server











*.drw; Pro/ENGINEER Part (only for drawings) Yes Yes Yes, in Pro/E Acrobat
*.prt Pro/ENGINEER Part (models only) Yes Desire Eventl.Acrobat PE
*.asm Pro/ENGINEER Assembly

(only for assemblies)

Yes Desire Acrobat PE
*.bod Bom
*.hgl;*.hpgl Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language => Plotter
*.igs; Initial Graphics Exchange => Neutral Format
*.dxf ASCII Drawing Interchange file Format

(only for drawings)

*.jt 3D by Siemens PLM Software Partly by document type (P3D) Desire Jt2go or

Acrobat PE

*.pdf Partly by document type

Matrix for supply drawing head

Fill in drawing head
Field Label Source Table Field
1 Material No. Material RMMG1 MATNR
2 Material Material master/classification see Excel worksheet font head
3 Decrease Material master/classification see Excel worksheet font head
4 Surface Material master/classification see Excel worksheet font head
5 kv value Material master/classification see Excel worksheet font head
6 Characteristic Material master/classification see Excel worksheet font head
7 Cone shape BOM/Document Line
8 Scale Proe
9 Date Editor Dis Draw DWNAM+Status Net
10 Name Editor Dis Draw DWNAM+Status Net
11 DateExaminer Dis Draw DWNAM+Status Net
12 Name Examiner Dis Draw DWNAM+Status Net
13 Date free-giver Dis Draw DWNAM+Status Net
14 Name Of free-giver Dis Draw DWNAM+Status Net
15 Weight Proe
16 Material short text Material master/classification see Excel worksheet font head
17 Dn Material master/classification see Excel worksheet font head
18 Pn Material master/classification see Excel worksheet font head
19 ProE Model Proe
20 Document type Dis Draw DOKAR
21 Documents No. Dis Draw DOKNR
22 Document version Dis Draw DOKVR
23 Subdocument Dis Draw DOKTL

How does stamping documents work?

  • Create custom stamps
  • Define the position or appearance of a stamp – All stamps can be placed freely on the document
  • Data acquisition from any SAP field
  • Stamp is applied in the output process
  • Flexible configuration, which documents are stamped – any use cases

Who cares about stamping documents?

Basically for all companies that want to print IMPORTANT references to documents visibly.

Your benefits

  • Printing and direct visibility of additional data in technical drawings, such as
    • Status and versioning
    • Examiner and check date
    • Release status
    • Permissible tolerances
    • Inbox supply is automatically provided via material master, document info record, change history, classification and other information from SAP
  • IMPORTANT notes from documents visibly printed
  • Identify documents FAST and CORRECT
  • Even when printed, the information remains visible
  • Powerful – Fast Stamping of Files
  • Space-saving – To keep your system resources from being used
  • Easy to implement – Easily create a standardized installation

Why choose this add-on? The MailCenter is an easy-to-implement standard solution. Easy setup, flexible customization, easy usability and transparent mail correspondence for the user through the MailCenter Cockpit.

If you want to improve your processes, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Do you have any questions about the product?

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