Fast SAP ERP Introduction with the ERP Dynamics Package

SAP Introduction with the ERP Dynamics Package

Laying the foundation for growth

SAP Introduction

With a preconfigured, flexible and industry-specific SAP ERP solution

SAP Introduction – The main concern for SAP ERP new launches or rollouts is often the time of implementation as well as the complex individual adaptation to company-specific circumstances.

In order not to burden the day-to-day business unnecessarily, a rapid introduction of new systems and system extensions is increasingly becoming a success factor in SAP ERP projects.

The introduction as part of our SAP Dynamics Package runs quickly and conserves your resources. You can concentrate completely on your core business after a short time.

In doing so, you have laid the foundations for future growth. They have a scalable solution that has proven itself in many companies and can be easily adapted to new requirements thanks to state-of-the-art technology.


With the SAP ERP Dynamics Package, you choose to quickly implement a flexible, industry-specific solution that streamlines operations, increases your efficiency, and doesn’t interfere with day-to-day operations.

  1. Improve your financial management by accelerating your financial statements, increasing reporting accuracy, and excellent cash management.
  2. Sustainably increase your business success by achieving process optimization, streamlined business processes, advanced service levels, consistency and lower costs.
  3. By acting flexibly, you react faster to changes, meet the wishes of your customers in a more targeted manner and are thus always one step ahead of your competitors.
  4. With ERP and CRM functions, you simplify processes and ensure end-to-end business processes. For example, you create an opportunity in CRM and later easily convert it to a quote. With the ERP function, you will finally receive the complete sales order from this offer.
  5. With an intuitive, end-to-end desktop environment, you increase user satisfaction while increasing your productivity.
  6. Networking of corporate headquarters and branches with SAP’s customized solutions. This allows you to effectively control information and harmonise business processes.

Scope of the solution

The implementation of the solution is carried out according to the proven mes procedure model and includes the following points:

  1. 2-System Landscape
  2. Technical implementation
  3. Customizing and system documentation

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  • Payment transactions
  • Accounting
  • Accounting
  • Corporate administration
  • Planning
  • Production control
  • Product
  • Product data management
  • Real estate, travel and quality management
  • Environmental, health and safety at work
  • Personnel development and accounting
  • Employee management
  • Purchasing
  • Supplier management
  • Inventory and inventory management
  • Logistics
  • Transport management
  • Strategic business planning
  • Financial, business management and personnel analysis