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The best of the large number of SAP projects in mechanical and plant engineering

SAP Machine and Plant Engineering – The requirements of machine and plant manufacturers differ significantly from other industries. Typical for this industrial sector are small quantities or variants, which are often produced from modular systems. The structure of the products produced varies more than in other industries.

Special solutions are needed for companies in this industry. But on the one hand, new solutions developed on the green field are often expensive to create and maintain. In addition, such solutions often address only individual tasks. On the other hand, standard applications do not help, which do not adequately represent the requirements of the industry. This is exactly what we have collected from a variety of projects that will benefit you.

What are the special challenges in mechanical and plant engineering?

Special requirements – Important for companies in this industry is a fast quotation calculation, integration with CAD systems, good coordination of the areas of sales, design, purchasing and manufacturing, a meaningful project controlling and a good solution in the area of document management.

We note that the principle of the “Engineer to Order” dominates in plant engineering. In contrast to the “Config To Order” of the automotive industry, this process is much more complex.

We find this higher complexity not only in the order processing process, but also during the creation of quotations. As a rule, we are dealing with longer delivery times and a wide variety of parts and solutions. If you want to increase your efficiency here, you have to deal with an architectural process for plants, processes and organization in equal measure.

And that’s not all. According to SAP, by 2025, the majority of companies in this sector will generate the most revenue in the service sector. This poses new challenges for your processes and the SAP system. We accompany you with our industry experience and our technical know-how.

What other special features are there in the mechanical and plant engineering industry?

  1. Project business: Mechanical and plant engineering is often characterized by a project business. Companies develop tailor-made solutions for their customers that meet specific requirements and needs. Each project is unique and requires individual planning, design, manufacturing and installation.
  2. Complexity and individuality: Machines and systems in mechanical engineering are often technically demanding and complex. They require close collaboration between engineers, designers, and technicians to meet specific requirements. Due to the individuality of the solutions, a high degree of flexibility and adaptability is required.
  3. Long-term investments: Machinery and equipment in mechanical engineering are usually long-term investments for customers. The service life of such plants can be many years. Therefore, it is important to produce high-quality and durable products that meet customer requirements and ensure high reliability and availability.
  4. International competition: Mechanical and plant engineering is a global market with intense competition. Companies compete for contracts at national and international level. To be successful, companies must be able to offer high-quality products, develop innovative solutions, and offer competitive prices.
  5. Technological innovations: Mechanical and plant engineering is an innovation-driven industry. Companies need to constantly invest in research and development to make technological advancements. New technologies such as Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence have the potential to further improve the efficiency and performance of machines and systems.
  6. Compliance and norms: Strict safety standards and norms apply in mechanical and plant engineering that must be adhered to. These include national and international regulations for product safety, occupational safety and environmental protection. Companies must ensure that their products comply with applicable regulations and obtain the necessary certifications.

These special features shape the mechanical and plant engineering industry and present companies with specific challenges. Effective project planning, technical know-how, innovation and strong quality management are crucial to succeed in this industry.

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Expanding competitive advantages – For decades, German mechanical engineering has been synonymous with progress worldwide. Like no other industry, this industry has faced the challenges of globalisation. It is not without reason that Germany is called the export world champion. Mechanical engineering has traditionally played a high part in this. Machines “Made in Germany” stand worldwide for German ingenuity, high quality, technical flexibility and enormous performance.

If you want to expand your competitive advantage, you cannot afford time-outs. With our best practice package for mechanical and plant engineering, we have collected the best of a variety of projects in mechanical and plant engineering. Use our experience to optimize SAP software for your company in mechanical and plant engineering. This will support your industry and business needs even better and more efficiently. Use these tools to reduce implementation time, reduce rollout risks, and increase your flexibility.

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