Optimize SAP processes - How to reduce your process costs!

SMART – Process Optimization for SAP

Reduce your process costs

Reduce process costs and secure competitive advantages

Efficient business processes make your business more flexible. In addition, you simplify tasks, help to avoid errors and conserve valuable resources.

Transparent processes and employee know-how as critical success factors

Transparency and employee system knowledge are important prerequisites for an efficient process. These elements are the critical success factors.

Complex, unclear processes are error-prone, slow and unstable. This results in high process costs and suboptimal results for key performance indicators. Indicators include cost, quality or customer satisfaction. Especially in the cooperation between departments, simplicity and clarity are basic prerequisites for an efficient process.

In addition to transparency, employee know-how is an essential building block for efficient processes. But this is often lacking in the employees. After all, even years after the introduction of SAP, knowledge of the application is patchy. In particular, the cross-sectoral understanding of the system on topics such as availability checking and scheduling is insufficient. As a result, there is insufficient knowledge of functions and relationships between modules. Therefore, it is, of course, difficult to meet the expectations placed on the process.

For greater efficiency, employees need a good tool in the form of process and system know-how. Do you also want to make your processes more transparent and reduce their complexity? Should your employees be equipped with the necessary process and system know-how to ensure an efficient process? Are you interested in stable turnaround times, shortening of lead times, reduction of inventory and storage time and reduction of process costs?

Process optimization with SMART

With our tried-and-tested SMART approach, we support you in optimizing your processes. We help you to sustainably improve the process and SAP know-how of your employees. This strengthens the competitiveness of your company.

Basically, the word SMART contains the most important demands on our project approach:

Schlank The goal of each company must be to reduce the variations in the defined core processes. Processes must be stable and predictable.
Medible Implement process goals in the company, make them measurable and collect the right metrics. That is the key to success.
Accepted In order to optimally design processes across departments and departments, all parties involved must have a uniform understanding of the process. They should also act in this direction.
REalist Every participant needs a good tool in the form of system and process know-how. In addition, workplace-specific guides to meet the requirements.
Transparent Transparency is an absolute prerequisite for a good process.

The structured approach via our 3-stage concept creates the best prerequisite for maximum success. And that pays off. Ask our customers.

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Prozessoptimierung für SAP unser SMART Prozess

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We would be happy to advise you in a personal conversation.

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