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SAP Delivery Processes

Deliver on time to the customer

SAP-On Time Delivery – Landing at the customer’s point

SAP-On Time Delivery, so that you always deliver on the agreed date. A decisive competitive advantage for you. With professional supply chain management, you will convince and inspire your customers. Get your business fit with On Time Delivery.

Always available quickly and transparently:

  1. Ready for delivery (desired delivery date vs. confirmation date)
  2. Confirmation Date (On Time, Delay, or To Early)
  3. Job lead time / Company-specific configuration of the tool

With our tools you get the delivery performance of your company under control permanently

We implement the solution and configure it according to your needs. You and your employees will receive instruction in all functions.

Why is on-time delivery important for a business?

On-time delivery is important for businesses for several reasons:

  1. Customer satisfaction: On-time delivery of products or services is a key factor in customer satisfaction. When companies consistently meet or even exceed delivery deadlines, it improves the customer’s overall experience and builds trust and loyalty. Satisfied customers are more likely to become repeat customers and recommend the company to others, leading to increased sales and growth.
  2. Competitive Advantage: In today’s competitive business landscape, on-time delivery can be a key differentiator. Companies that consistently deliver their products or services on time have a competitive advantage over their competitors who are struggling with delays. They demonstrate reliability and professionalism, thereby attracting customers who appreciate punctuality and reliability.
  3. Reputation and brand image: On-time delivery contributes to a positive reputation and brand image. Customers associate punctuality with efficiency and trustworthiness. A company that is known for its reliable delivery practices can build a good reputation in the market, thus gaining more customers and opportunities to work together.
  4. Supply chain efficiency: Timely delivery is essential to maintaining an efficient supply chain. When companies deliver their products or services on time, it helps streamline operations, reduce inventory costs, and optimize resource allocation. This allows for better planning, coordination, and synchronization throughout the supply chain, resulting in improved overall efficiency.
  5. Customer retention and repeat business: On-time delivery plays a crucial role in customer retention. Customers who receive their orders on time are more likely to continue doing business with the company in the future. Conversely, frequent delays or missed deadlines can lead to dissatisfaction, loss of trust, and eventually customer churn.

Overall, on-time delivery is critical for businesses to meet customer expectations, gain a competitive advantage, maintain a reputation, optimize operations, and ensure customer satisfaction. It is an essential aspect of business performance and has a direct impact on customer loyalty, sales and long-term success.

A weak supply chain causes frustration among customers and employees

  • You do not have transparency on orders and delivery times.
  • Their processes are not efficiently structured.
  • It is not possible to promise and meet exact delivery dates.
  • You receive many complaints and cannot respond to the customer.
  • You cannot accurately and quickly diagnose the causes of punctuality and delivery problems.
  • Orders have long lead times.
  • Despite excellent products and services, customer satisfaction is declining.

Is there a report on on-time delivery in SAP?

Is there a report on on-time delivery in SAP?

Actually, no. But here’s one way for an on-time delivery report in SAP:

  1. Use the transaction code: VL06O – List Deliveries
  2. Enter the relevant selection criteria, such as sales organization, delivery date range, shipping point, and other parameters according to your requirements.
  3. Run the report by clicking the “Run” button.
  4. The report displays a list of deliveries based on the selection criteria.
  5. To analyze on-time delivery, you need to take into account the delivery date (desired delivery date or promised delivery date) and the actual delivery date.
  6. In the report, you can view the delivery date, the actual delivery date, and other relevant details for each delivery.
  7. You can sort the report based on the delivery date or other relevant columns to identify deliveries that were not delivered on time.
  8. Export the report to Excel or another preferred format for further analysis or to share with stakeholders.

Please note that the availability and specific configuration of the reports may vary depending on the SAP system version and customization settings. Contact your SAP administrator or functional consultant to ensure that the necessary reports and configurations are available in your system to generate a report on on-time delivery.

How we strengthen your Supply Chain Management (SCM)

  1. In two one-day workshops, we analyze your company and develop possible solutions.
  2. Together with you, we take a core process or product line and test delivery reliability and responsiveness
  3. Together, we develop proposals for process improvement.
  4. If necessary, we equip your system with powerful process controlling tools.
  5. The result: You always have comprehensive insight into the performance of your company.

SAP-On Time Delivery – Customer Benefits

  • Competitive advantage through fast and punctual delivery
  • Determination of key figures for measuring delivery performance
  • Improved delivery reliability and responsiveness
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Reduced turnaround times
  • Good introduction to process optimization


  1. Implement a tool to measure customer orders based on the following metrics:
  • Ready for delivery (desired delivery date vs. confirmation date)
  • Compliance Confirmation Date (On Time, Delay or To Early)
  • Job lead time / Company-specific configuration of the tool
  1. Measure, analyze, and suggest how to improve score performance attributes from a customer-focused perspective in terms of delivery reliability and responsiveness
  2. Workshops to analyse the results of a core process or product line
  3. Recommendations to improve the process

Scope of the solution

The implementation of the solution is carried out according to the proven mes procedure model and includes the following points:

  1. Technical implementation
  2. Company-specific configuration of tools
  3. Technical documentation
  4. Functional instruction and handover
  5. 2 months of free follow-up, then paid consulting support (error corrections after technical implementation end)
  6. Two one-day workshops to analyse and present the results