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Save time, money and resources

Business growth, market changes or business segment expansions often bring with them major structural challenges. Only if the structures and processes withstand the current needs can a successful company transformation succeed. If not, critical bottlenecks threaten to stall the entire workflow in the worst-case scenario. In such cases, SAP Software is often the tip of the scales, because: Properly implemented, it is able to save time, money and resources.

Since the necessary skills are usually lacking, it is worthwhile to invest in qualified SAP consulting. SAP consultants are all-round specialists who have extensive IT knowledge and act as intermediaries between software components and corporate structures.

In addition to our mail and monitoring solutions, we at Munich Enterprise also offer a high-quality consulting service to support our customers in the digital control and optimization of their business processes. Since 2005, we have been able to supervise more than 300 projects. We would be pleased to contribute our wealth of experience to your company. Get in touch with us!

SAP Consulting – what we can do for your company:

It is our declared goal to adapt ERP systems in close coordination with our customers to specific needs situations and to successfully align companies for the future. Professional SAP consulting includes the following services:

  1. Needs and process analysis
  2. Conception
  3. Strategy consulting and development
  4. Digital Process Optimization
  5. Strength and weakness analysis
  6. Operational targeting
  7. Recommendation of suitable add-ons
  8. Adaptation and implementation of individual specifications
  9. Project
  10. Project management and support of sub-processes
  11. Support for the renewal of entire operating models
  12. Logistics consulting
  13. Long-term support

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  • SAP Optimization
  • Tuning for your business
  • SAP Optimization Business Tuning
  • SAP Support
  • Support for every purpose
  • SAP Support and Support
  • SAP Logistics Consultant
  • SAP Consultant with Certification
  • SAP Logistics Consultant with Certification

SAP consultants wanted?

You want to get the most out of your existing processes and don’t want to give away any potential from now on? Then a full SAP consultation could be the door opener to your success.

Call us on +49 (0) 89 2154 689 80 or send us an e-mail to We are happy to make you an individual offer with a fixed price and no hidden costs. On request, we can send a certified SAP consultant in-house to your company or support you remotely via remote service.

What does an SAP consultant do?

An SAP consultant is a professional who helps companies implement, customize, and use SAP software solutions.

The main job of an SAP consultant is to help companies optimize their business processes using SAP software. This includes the analysis of existing business processes, advice on the use of SAP modules, adaptation of the software to the specific requirements of the company and training of employees.

An SAP consultant works closely with customers to understand their needs and recommend the optimal SAP solution for their business. They help configure and customize SAP software to ensure that it meets the company’s specific business processes and goals. They also assist with data migration, testing, and troubleshooting during implementation.

In addition, SAP consultants provide training and workshops for the company’s employees to ensure that they can use SAP software effectively. They will also be available as a point of contact after implementation to answer questions, solve problems, and provide further support.

The role of an SAP consultant therefore requires extensive knowledge of SAP software, including the various modules and functions, as well as an understanding of business processes. It may also be necessary to have specific industry knowledge to understand the needs of customers in specific industries and provide appropriate solutions.

What distinguishes a qualified SAP consultant?

An SAP consultant is a specialist specializing in SAP, who is able to support companies in the implementation, optimization and maintenance of your SAP software components. There is no official training requirement as it is not a protected job title.

The question of how to identify a qualified SAP consultant is therefore inevitable. One of the most important characteristics of a qualified SAP consultant is the presence of an SAP certificate. This states that the respective consultant has completed a special course and passed an examination at SAP SE.

Since we want to offer our customers a perfect service quality, all our consultants are in possession of this certificate and also have a professional experience of at least 5 years. In addition, they convince with extensive process knowledge, as they have already supervised countless projects in various industries in the past.

If you are thinking about taking up this profession, you should be willing to travel and have a very good knowledge of English, as customers from abroad are often looked after by SAP consultants in-house.

How do you become an SAP consultant?

For a career as an SAP consultant, a computer science degree creates good foundations, because extensive IT expertise is required in training and everyday work. In addition, business knowledge is needed to understand the sometimes very complex processes in companies.

Business Informatics or Informatics with Business Administration as an additional subject are considered as suitable courses of study. In order to obtain an SAP certificate, a further training course must be completed at SAP SE after graduation, which provides the special knowledge required for professional SAP consulting.

The start of the career usually starts with a trainee position. After a period of one to two years, a promotion to the manager in SAP Consulting is usually carried out. At this point, annual salaries of up to 60,000 euros are already conceivable, and later even up to 90,000 euros.

The future prospects for this profession are considered excellent, as SAP Software plays an important role in almost every division and needs to be constantly adapted and optimized. For more information about training as an SAP consultant, see

You no longer want to leave anything to chance and completely renew your SAP system? Then get in touch with us! We look forward to your call.