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Experienced SAP SD Consultants Munich

SAP SD Consultant Munich – We manage and advise your company in the further development and operation of the ERP software in the module Sales & Distribution (SD). Our employees support you as customers in the analysis, conception and implementation of business processes in sales. The projects are accompanied throughout their entire life cycle. Whether it’s an introductory, optimization, roll-out project or ongoing support. You will receive needs-based, competent and independent support.

What role do our SAP SD consultants play?

Depending on your requirements, you can also book our SAP SD Senior Consultants as a project manager, to strengthen your in-house team or for a training. If our employees take on the position of project or subproject manager, make sure that the defined budget, quality and time framework is met. In addition to your in-house consultants, you benefit from the experience of other companies in your industry when supporting through an external consultant.

On request, our re-engineering experts will help you to identify and eliminate existing vulnerabilities. Special attention is paid to sales processes, because this is where the customer is at the centre. For this reason, all sub-processes that are important for fulfilling customer requirements must be precisely defined and optimally implemented. We analyse your processes and show possibilities where and how optimization potentials can be realized. As a result, existing processes are restructured according to current needs with the help of our consultants. This increases the performance of your company.

What knowledge do our SAP SD consultants have?

The Sales & Distribution module contains the different business processes in the area of sales. This covers not only the activities of the sales phase, but also those of shipping processing and the entire invoicing process. The knowledge of our SAP SD Consultants includes the following modules and areas:

LO – Basic data (LO-MD), batch management (LO-BM), handling unit management (LO-HU), variant configuration (LO-VC), logistics information system (LO-LIS)

SD – Basic functions and master data in sales processing (SD-BF), conditions and pricing (SD-BF-PR), availability and requirements in sales processing (SD-BF-AC) Credit management/risk management (SD-BF-CM), message discovery (SD-BF-OC), Sales (SD-SLS), Customer Service (SD-SLS-OA), Foreign Trade / Customs (SD-FT), Invoicing (SD-BIL) Electronic Data Interchange / IDOC Interface (SD-EDI)

CS – Technical Objects (CS-BD), Repair Orders (CS), Controlling, Service Messages, Service Contracts, Service Orders, Service Offers, Warranty (CS-AG-WA), Order Settlement, CS Integration into SD (CS-SE-SD), Dynamic Entry Processor

LE / WM – Shipping (LE-SHP), Transport (LE-TRA) // Express service provider connection, interfaces to shipping and export systems, connection of external storage systems, connection to scanners

ABAP – SAP-NetWeaver application development with ABAP and ABAP-OO, service development ABAP, report programming; Dialog programming, user exits, customer exits, BADI, BAPI, RFC, IDOC, LSMW, runtime analyses, backgroundjob,jobs, SAP add-ons, interface development SAP to SAP, Non SAP to SAP, XML, form development with script, smart forms

All our employees have …

  1. In-depth technical knowledge in the modules SD (incl. data transfer via IDOC) and LE (transport logistics) as well as the interfaces to adjacent modules (e.g. MM, WM, FI)
  2. In-depth knowledge also in module-cross-module customizing and IN ABAP development
  3. Very good process knowledge
  4. Many years of experience in project management
  5. Mind. five years of work in consultant jobs in various implementation, development, support, training or application management projects with SAP SD / LE in Germany and also internationally

SAP SD Consultant – why with us?

We have been involved with SAP ERP for almost 20 years and know both the SAP best practices of the various industries as well as the requirements of many companies for individually necessary adjustments in the ERP systems. With this experience, our consultants can optimally set up your processes for you. Field-proven solutions prevent errors. This creates security.

Since the processes and modules in the ERP system are closely interlinked, all our SAP SD consultants also have application and customizing know-how in the adjacent logistics and financial modules. With this integration knowledge, we design an optimal overall process and not an insular solution. All SAP SD consultants have basic ABAP knowledge and excellent project management skills. Through regular training, training and further education, the knowledge of our Senior Consultants is always up-to-date.

In addition to professional qualifications, our SAP consultants are distinguished by their personality and presence. In addition, you have a high level of motivation and commitment. Thus, we lead your project to success with our efforts. You can be sure of that.

Where do our SAP SD consultants work?

We do the jobs at your site or remotely. We support your business if you have your company in Munich or in the Bavaria area. We are happy to work for our customers also within Germany and internationally.

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Jobs and job vacancies – A job as a consultant is a real challenge. You are interested in a job as an SAP SD consultant in permanent employment. Or are you looking for a position as a senior consultant, a position as a manager business solutions or another SAP job. We are looking for reinforcements for our location in Munich. Take a look at our current job vacancies 2015 in the section Jobs.

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