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Paper-based approval procedures are lengthy, expensive and often delayed, especially in times of Corona, because the decision-makers are not in the office, but in the home office. SAP release apps provide reliable remedies. They ensure that department heads, purchasing or sales managers can easily issue approvals at any time, anywhere. Digital, safe, fast.

Who are SAP sharing apps for?

The freeapp from munich enterprise software GmbH is suitable for all companies that want to automate and digitize their approval processes in order to become more efficient. So for all decision makers in management, sales and purchasing at SMEs, corporations and companies with SAP systems.

Disadvantages can be “digitized away”

Digitization brings many advantages. Especially in terms of efficiency. In this way, standard processes can be automated,streamlined and simplified. In this disruptive process of renewal, the disadvantages of the analogue world are simply “digitized away”. This is also done by the
approval app
of munich enterprise software GmbH.

Disruptive innovation also in SAP approval processes

But why does it work? Quite simply: Because digital approval procedures are faster, cheaper and simpler than the good old signature folder, for example via app. Her biggest shortcoming: She is currently often patiently located in abandoned offices and – unlike the app with its push function – does not actively drive the processes forward.

By the way: By the way, the release app of munich software enterprise GmbH maps all approval processes in SAP.

To the SAP Release App in the Apple Store

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Why give shares via app?

Accelerated processes increase entrepreneurial efficiency! When approvals are issued digitally via smartphone or tablet, everything goes very quickly. Decisions can be carried into the company without delay,orders can be triggered and orders can be awarded without further ado. In paper-based procedures, it is not uncommon for a long time before all parties involved – from the department head to the technical contact person to the boss – have signed. The result: deadlines and deadlines pass because those responsible are intangible. Projects were delayed. The company is slow ingenuating resources.

Sharing apps are ideal for C-times & home office

Sharing apps
not only offer the benefits of digital communication, but fit perfectly into the new world of work – into the “New Normal”. This only works thanks to digitalization. Since Covid-19, large parts of the working society have been in the home office. Digital approval procedures ensure that they remain capable of action and decision-making.

Experience shows that with just a few clicks, decision-makers give approvals for which they would take much longer on paper.

Digital processes greatly shorten approval processes. Where traditional releases cumbersomely print documents, be carried from decision-maker to decision-maker, and where the personal presence of all those responsible is required, apps today take all important steps. The disadvantages of paper-based processes are thus completely eliminated. This not only increases the efficiency, but also the innovative strength and competitiveness of companies.

Now switch to the SAP Sharing app!

The morn approval procedure

With an SAP sharing app, you avoid the typical disadvantages of paper-based document sharing: unnecessary costs, delays and inefficiencies in operation.

Ideal for Sales & Purchasing

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