SAP XRechnung at Pneughage - a success story

Success Story
SAP XRechnung at Pneuhage

Pneuhage Management GmbH & Co. KG

Case study

Goals achieved through the MailCenter digitization platform – E-invoicing
MailCenter XRechnung

  1. Compliance with the requirements of EU Directive 2014/55/EU
  2. Better customer approach, dialogue options in invoicing
  3. Less effort in invoicing
  4. Invoices with attachments in an email

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Pneuhage Management GmbH & Co. KG

  • Registered office: Karlsruhe
  • Industry: Retail
  • Turnover: 660 million euros
  • Employees: 2,300
  • Internet address:

Choosing MailCenter

  1. Complete SAP integration of the solution
  2. Perspective use for other document types (order, delivery note)
  3. High competence of the management team at the provider

Solutions and Services

  1. Digitization Platform MailCenter – Module E-Bill
  2. Solution partner: munich enterprise software GmbH

Implementation Highlights

  1. Simple customizing due to SAP proximity of the solution
  2. Due to fast implementation, Pneuhage was XRechnung “ready” by the deadline

Main benefits for the company

  1. Compliance with the requirements of EU Directive 2014/55/EU
  2. Integrated solution for all document types in e-invoicing
  3. Increased customer friendliness through dialogue opportunities
  4. Direct customer feedback leads to clean master data and better accounts receivable management



Case study in detail

“The fact that you can combine invoices and attachments within one e-mail,
is a significant advantage of the solution for us.”

Luigi Borella
, Application Support WWS Team/Corporate Controlling at Pneuhage Management GmbH & Co. KG

Smarter towards the end customer

The Pneuhage Group generates agency-compliant XRechnungen via its new platform for digital communication, the MailCenter from munich enterprise software. In addition, the platform enables better customer care: Instead of anonymous, faceless invoice e-mails from SAP, Pneuhage’s debtors receive personalized e-mails with contact persons and direct feedback options. The need to create XRechnungen in the future prompted wholesalers and retailers to upgrade their technology. Since April 2020, contracting authorities must be able to receive and process electronic invoices in accordance with Directive 2014/55/EU (as well as federal and state laws and regulations implementing them).

Pneuhage has around 60 customers from the public sector. The operation of a new, SAP-integrated platform for digital communication opens up completely new communication possibilities for the company from SAP – for all invoices, but also orders, delivery notes and other document types.

No more faceless emails

Instead of empty invoice e-mails from SAP, the software creates PDF invoices in the required format (ZUGFeRD, XRechnung up to the latest version 2.1). These are sent to the customer by e-mail and at the same time offer opportunities for dialogue.

Via the MailCenter, the customer can react directly to the invoice and ask questions – with signature and text field. There is a “real” e-mail address (no no-reply) with real people behind it. The answer is then immediately processed and answered by the corresponding department at Pneuhage. For business partners, this possibility of direct dialogue is a significant improvement in customer service. They feel well looked after if they don’t get their bill from a server they don’t communicate with

Complete embedding in SAP

In spring 2020, DVV led the Three manufacturers had invited Pneuhage to present their solutions for communication from SAP. “At munich enterprise software, the product presentation was by far the best,” reports Luigi Borella, Application Support.
WWS-Team/Unternehmenscontrolling at pneuhage. “Their experts think their way into the customer’s situation and have a well-founded answer to every technical question. We were just picked up very well here.”

ITTeam also considers the complete embedding of the mail center in SAP to be an advantage of the solution. This makes it easy to find your way around quickly for customizing tasks. “Anyone who is familiar with SAP knows where to click in the MailCenter. It’s like the actual SAP ERP.” Ten sales organizations (retail and wholesale) with over 190 branches of the Pneuhage Group now send XRechnungen with the MailCenter, a total of around 7,500 documents per month. Private customers receive normal PDF invoices; several thousand billing documents (invoices, credit notes, cancellations) come together here. The MailCenter is also used for internal invoice dispatch between the sales organizations.

“Thanks to its dialog options, MailCenter also ensures better accounts receivable management.
and clean, always up-to-date master data in our accounting.”

Luigi Borella
, Application Support WWS Team/Corporate Controlling at Pneuhage Management GmbH & Co. KG

Pneuhage Group

Founded in 1953, the owner-managed Pneuhage Group (2,300 employees, annual turnover 2020: approx. 660 million euros) operates more than 170 of its own tyre services in Germany. With over 600 automotive tyre partners, the PNEUNET network provides fleet service throughout Europe. The company’s own wholesaler Interpneu ensures a diverse assortment and fast availability. In addition to 1.3 million tyres for cars and vans, 50,000 truck tyres and several thousand tyres for agricultural tractors, construction machinery and vans are in stock. These include the exclusively marketed truck tire brands Westlake and Yokohma as well as industrial tires from GRI, which will be shown at NUFAM.