Mail to Fax – simple like Mail

The fax machine was long considered the epitome of modern office communication, until the advent of e-mail finally solved the fax machine as the primary electronic means of communication in everyday work. Here, the fax also has still been justified, in combination with an email-to-fax service can thereby combine the advantages of both technologies profitably.

What’s Mail to Fax?

With e-Mail to Fax, sending a fax via an e-mail account is what happens. So instead of sending letters, documents or images on a physical fax machine, sending a fax Mail to Fax works just as simple as e-mailing.

How does Mail to Fax ?

The only downside of Mail to Fax: If you want to send documents or images, they must be already electronical. Text can be created directly in the email client of course, but images and other documents must first be scanned. In most cases, however, taking a picture with the smartphone is enough for it. For Mail to Fax it is also important to take a look at the supported file formats that can also be sent by fax as an e-mail attachment.

Common file types such as PDF, JPEG, PNG, or Microsoft Office files, especially Word files should not cause any problems with Mail to Fax, nowadays. The fax is created in the email client only once.

Advantages of Mail to Fax

The biggest advantage of Mail to Fax is of course obvious, not having a fax machine, as it has to be maintained and configured. Another advantage over traditional fax machines is the mobility of Mail to Fax – configured on a laptop or accessible via a web interface, a fax can be sent from anywhere where an Internet connection is available. In addition, one should not neglect the time advantage. Especially with documents with multiple pages traditional fax machines must first scan each page, which can last several minutes.

The fax by Mail to Fax, however, is done on side of the sender with the same simple click, like sending an e-mail. Also can use Mail to Fax, configured correctly, not only sends faxes, but also receive them. Making it possible to easily handle on a uniform and familiar program both the e-mail as well as fax communications.

Who can Mail to Fax is?

Strictly legally speaking, the fax is considered in relation to the e-mail as the only legal form of communication, due to the signature. Fax communication is not disappearing from the office communication any time soon. Therefore Mail to Fax is aimed primarily at companies that rely on faxing, but at the same time looking for a cheaper, more flexible and also mobile alternative to traditional fax machine.

If you have any questions about this? Want to learn more about how you can use with SAP a Mail to Fax service? Just talk to us! We look forward to talking to you.