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SAP Monitoring – The Business Value

This seems obvious, but you need to roughly calculate how much profit you can make through the automated process. The criteria for measuring the success of process automation vary from process to process. The most important criteria are listed below.

  • Cost savings in the form of hard currency
  • Speed of process execution
  • Quality of process results

You may not want to invest too much time and money in evaluating success, but it’s important to be able to roughly estimate the expected savings before you start implementing. Unfortunately, this aspect is often lost in project implementation. Don’t miss the opportunity to determine key process metrics (such as cost and execution time) before and after implementation. If other departments approach you to automate further processes, comparing these values can be invaluable. The black and white performance measurement is also essential for management. If success can be demonstrated in an easy-to-understand way, management will be very interested in advocating the use of promising technologies.

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Cost savings

Save costs by reducing the time participants actively spend on the process. When evaluating cost savings, the following questions must be asked:

Is the required information displayed on the screen along with the task, or is further research required?
Can you delegate some tasks to inexperienced colleagues or let experienced (and well-paid) employees do all the tasks?
Can you automate certain work steps so that the system can take over some of the tasks that employees have to perform?

Simply replacing the complex navigation process in a transaction with a simple and targeted presentation of information and targeted navigation steps can save a lot of costs

Speed of process execution

Once SAP monitoring is used, the processing speed can almost certainly increase significantly. For most monitoring projects that are implemented with SAP HotM Monitoring, a significant reduction in processing time is usually obvious. Of course, a fast release process, simple system monitoring or uninterrupted electronic processes are doomed to failure – unless your system works without human intervention and is automated in the best possible way!

Quality of process results

In addition to evaluating and comparing the time saved, you should also develop a list of ideal benefits for the quality of the results. Example: Is customer service faster? Will this shorten the time to market for new products? Are production downtimes reduced?

The quality of the process results is the most difficult to assess, but this factor is becoming increasingly important. Traditional workflow solutions are usually used in the approval process, and approval is often seen as a necessary evil in the company. If the approval process requires manual or excessive approval at a certain level, the positive effect of introducing an SAP monitoring workflow is almost invisible. This type of pure stamping is of little importance. However, if you carefully select the approver and select the information forwarded with the task, you can improve the quality of decision-making. This is important, because sensible decisions are the decisive factor for the success of the company.

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