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SAP Disposition – From our experience, scheduling in SAP ERP is one of the most demanding tasks. At the same time, however, it is often underestimated in practice. This is reflected in a misrepresentation of the position of dispatcher, in insufficient attention during the introduction and in the current operation, up to a lack of further training in this area. Even experienced SAP consultants regularly reach your limits as part of an introduction and optimization here.

Customers like to look for a simple switch or one setting that makes it easy to solve this task. Unfortunately, we have to disappoint you at this point. They will not find a simple solution here. With this article we would like to give you an introduction to the world of material planning. Every journey, however long, begins with the first step. Learn about the basic terms and basics here.

We wish you every success in this.

SAP Dispositionsverfahren

SAP Disposition Procedure

Material disposition

The main task of material planning is to procure the right material in consistent and prescribed quality, neither too early nor too late in terms of quantity. The material disposition is intended to

  • through material requirements planning
  • and order invoice
  • optimal orders
  • and ensure sufficient willingness to deliver.

Material scheduling can refer to individual parts or assemblies.

Material requirements planning according to Gabler


Material Requirements Planning

Material requirements planning is the presentation of the materials required in a planning period by type, quantity, quality and time structure (secondary, tertiary requirements). The aim

of material requirements planning is to achieve a cost-optimal material supply; in the optimum, only as much material is available as is needed at short notice.


of demand planning

Needs assessment:

Comparison of gross demand and material stock shows the procurement requirement (net requirement)

Material provisionplanning:

Determination of demand dates taking into account the respective needs structure and conditions on the procurement markets

Assortment planning:

Substitution planning, make-or-buy decision, limitation of material types

Requirements types in material requirements planning

Gross demand, net demand, primary demand and secondary demand

In demand planning, you distinguish between the requirements types Gross Demand, Net Demand, Primary Demand , and Secondary Demand:

  • Gross demand:
    The quantity requirements for products, semi-finished products and raw materials resulting from sales orders or forecast orders, excluding any stocks or quantities already in supply.
  • Net demand:
    The result is gross demand less the available stock. The on-hand inventory is the balance from the physical inventory plus purchase order stock minus reservation stock.
  • Primary demand:
    Primary requirements include all finished products or products in the product range that are required in a planning period.
    The primary requirement consists of the market requirements for products and spare parts and is therefore the demand of the highest structural level, which comes from a forecast or a specific customer order.
  • Secondary requirements:
    The secondary requirement includes all components and also assemblies that are required for the production of the products. These parts can be manufactured in-house or purchased externally (make-or-buy).
    The secondary requirement is determined by BOM resolution and is the requirement that is necessary to meet the primary requirement.

Tasks of material requirements planning

Tasks of material requirements planning

  • the monitoring of stocks
  • the preparation of procurement proposals for purchasing and production
  • Dissolution of BOMs

Consideration of

  • best possible delivery readiness
  • Minimizing costs
  • Minimization of capital commitment
  • Material requirements planning/ disposition = strategic control center for the entire logistics chain in the company

Delimitation of demand planning for programming

The production program is the starting point for material requirements planning.

sap disposition bedarfsplanung programmplanung

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