About us

Our focus

From the customer’s point of view, a company exists only to create value for him. In today’s globalised world, offers are becoming more and more comparable on the B2B market. It is no longer expected that the winner of an order will offer a product or service that meets the basic needs of the customer. These standard products and services become interchangeable.

For suppliers, the question of the extent to which their offers differ from those of competitors is becoming increasingly important, although there are still markets where demand is high and supply is low, so the need for differentiation is less important, as is the case with a monopolist market.

That’s why we at munich enterprise software always ask ourselves the following questions: What are the customer’s needs? What is the value that can be offered to customers and how can it be communicated to them?

Our offer

Safety: For us, security plays an essential role for the customer. We are responsible for providing stable, comprehensive and forward-looking solutions.

Speed and efficiency: Experienced senior consultants with in-depth knowledge of business processes and technologies, as well as technical skills, focus on delivering value, speed, and simplicity. To do this, they chose appropriate methods tailored to the customer’s business and technological needs, from strategic planning to rapid implementation and optimization of systems. The consultants have a strong focus on performance and are results-oriented.

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Advice Features

Our value system in software development

Our type of software development and consulting essentially follows the principles of agile system development. Almost 20 years ago, experts laid the foundation for this through the so-called agile manifesto. The basic principles are:

  1. People and cooperation mean more than processes and tools.
  2. Running software is more important than extensive documentation.
  3. Cooperation with clients is more important than contract negotiations.
  4. Responding to changes is more important than the stubborn consequences of a plan.

Of course, the second part of these sentences is also important. In case of doubt, however, the first part plays the decisive role.

Our expertise

For our customers, we specialize in SAP add-ons for mail, monitoring and SAP consulting . We have excellent expertise, especially in the areas of SAP ERP and SAP CRM. The focus is on improving the efficiency of processes. Our innovative products help you optimize your work processes. We listen carefully to our customers. Your ideas and feedback help us to continuously improve our products and services and to shape our future offering. The MailCenter and monitoring product families set standards in the SAP world. We consistently use our technological expertise and the innovative strength of our employees to create the greatest value for our customers!

We are particularly well versed in the following areas:

  1. SAP Mail
  2. SAP Monitoring
  3. Add-on Development
  4. SAP Process Optimization
  5. SAP APP Development
  6. SAP Consulting