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Successful partnerships are an essential part of our corporate philosophy.

The reason is simple. IT projects are becoming increasingly complex and the requirements are increasing. From the idea to the implementation, you need a lot of expertise from different areas. That is why we work closely with our competent partner companies in some strategic disciplines. Trusting, efficient and effective.

In order to achieve high-quality results for our customers, we work with companies that are at the forefront of their fields of expertise.

Partner All for One Group AG
Partner Agilita AG
Partner Agilos GmbH
Partner cellent Mittelstandsberatung GmbH
Partner cormeta ag GmbH
German Graduate School of Management and Law

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More than 300 satisfied customers from various industries speak for our success and our partner program. They all rely on our innovative products and solutions for SAP Mail and SAP Monitoring.

Would you like to expand your portfolio and share in our success? Learn more about a sales partnership with munich enterprise software. We look forward to seeing you.

Benefits of partnerships

Partnership is a valuable strategy for munich enterprise software to increase reach, open up new markets and gain access to new technologies and know-how.

One of the main advantages of partnerships for us is the possibility to expand the distribution and sale of munich enterprise software products. Partners help us reach new customers and expand into new markets.

Another advantage of partnerships for us is access to new technologies and know-how. Through partnerships with other companies, munich enterprise software and its partners gain access to new technologies and know-how that are more difficult to acquire on their own.

For us, partnerships also help reduce costs and risks. By sharing resources and know-how with our partners, munich enterprise software can reduce its costs and risks.

In summary, we at munich enterprise software see a number of important benefits in partnerships, including increased reach, access to new markets and technologies, reduced costs and risks, and increased brand awareness and credibility. These advantages help our partners and us to grow and compete more effectively in the market.