Success Story SAP Outlook Integration at ROHDE & SCHWARZ

Success Story
Connect ERP and Outlook


Case study

Goals achieved by MailCenter – Outlook Integration
SAP Outlook Integration Software

  1. Continue e-mail archiving when switching from Notes to Outlook
  2. Master and transaction data for the SAP business partner can be displayed in Outlook
  3. Creating and Changing SAP Transactions Directly from the E-Mail Program
  4. Correspondence incl. Store attachments centrally in SAP

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  • Headquarters: Munich
  • Industry: Electronic capital goods
  • Sales (2021/2022): 2.53 billion euros
  • Employees worldwide: 13,000
  • Internet address:

Choosing MailCenter

  1. Best product on the market for the desired purpose
  2. Competent project support
  3. Development of solutions for customer-specific requirements

Solutions and Services

  1. MailCenter Outlook Integration – Inbound & Outbound
  2. MailCenter Platform – Application V2
  3. Consulting partner: munich enterprise software GmbH

Implementation Highlights

  1. Fast acceptance thanks to high usability
  2. Rapid global roll-out

Main benefits for the company

  1. Fast availability of information
  2. Improved external and internal communication
  3. Flexible scaling for additional SAP objects


  1. SAP ERP ECC 6.0

Case study in detail

“munich enterprise software offers an excellent solution for linking e-mails with SAP and simultaneously storing them in the archive.”

Klaus Schiffer

, SAP Basis Administrator, ROHDE & SCHWARZ GmbH & Co. KG

Purchasing and sales in order processing at the global technology group Rohde & Schwarz are in a lively correspondence with customers. E-mails contain or refer to orders and purchase orders. They are archived from the mail program and linked to the SAP document. The fact that this works smoothly with today’s Microsoft Outlook is thanks to the software from munich enterprise software.

The Outlook integration of MailCenter was introduced for the first time in 2017; At this time, Rohde & Schwarz switched from its previous Lotus Notes mail system to MS Outlook. What used to work – the storage of incoming e-mails in the electronic SAP archive connected via ArchiveLink – could not be missing in the new Microsoft environment. munich enterprise software offered a suitable solution for linking e-mails with SAP and simultaneously transporting them to the archive.

Connecting E-Mails to SAP Objects

“The incoming correspondence must somehow be linked to the SAP document so that employees can later assign it to the business transaction and find it via it,” explains Klaus Schiffer, SAP-Basis Administrator at Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG. “Archived e-mails that can be accessed by anyone should be stored directly in SAP. That was the requirement that munich enterprise software fulfilled best after reviewing the field of providers.”

SAP Outlook integration makes everyday work easier for employees in all Rohde & Schwarz subsidiaries worldwide. Master and transaction data for the SAP business partner are displayed in Outlook via the solution. Based on the e-mail information, the corresponding business partner from SAP is automatically determined. Users immediately and without further clicks receive an overview of the last processes to the business partner directly in Outlook. If necessary, you can jump directly from the mail program to the SAP process. This creates a high level of transparency at Rohde & Schwarz in e-mail correspondence regarding the SAP process. Search times are reduced and communication with customers and suppliers is improved.

Incoming and outgoing mail is archived

Outgoing e-mails are also archived. A message that is created in SAP via Outlook Integration is stored for the SAP object from which it was generated. Orders and purchase orders, service orders, e-mails about master data changes – documents from six SAP business objects are sent by the various departments with the MailCenter, a total of between 30,000 and 40,000 pieces per year.
Klaus Schiffer: “The user acceptance of the tool is very high because it works very simply. A pop-up appears with a mouse click, enter the document number and you’re done. Users appreciate the fast processing. The flexible scaling for other SAP objects is also very positive.”

In addition to order processing, the software is also used in Rohde & Schwarz service departments and plants: the Munich headquarters, the major production sites in Memmingen, Teisnach and Vimperk (Czech Republic), Rohde & Schwarz America and subsidiaries such as Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity (Leipzig). A total of almost 500 of SAP’s 11,000 users work with the system – all those involved in sending and receiving documents. From the SAP document, an e-mail is created into which ready-made text from SAP is transferred. When sent, the e-mail is again attached to the object from which it was generated – an essential tool for simple and complete communication.

“The user acceptance of the tool is very high because it works very simply. A pop-up appears at the click of a mouse, enter the document number and you’re done.”

Klaus Schiffer

, AP-Basis Administrator, ROHDE & SCHWARZ GmbH & Co. KG

Simple and complete communication

In addition to MailCenter Outlook integration, Rohde & Schwarz also uses the MailCenter Platform from munich enterprise software. This has been used by the customer in the SAP application V2 since 2019 and supports the department in the automated dispatch of documents by e-mail.


With its leading solutions in the areas of Test & Measurement, Technology Systems and Networks & Cybersecurity, the Rohde & Schwarz technology group is one of the pioneers of a secure and networked world. Founded almost 90 years ago, it is a reliable partner for its customers from business and the sovereign sector around the globe. In addition to the established business areas, the independent group is investing in future technologies such as artificial intelligence, industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), 6G, cloud and quantum technology.