SAP Forms and Form Development – Collection

Address data and preparation


The function block ADDRESS_INTO_PRINTFORM prepares an address for printing. A correct postal address is processed in the desired number of rows. It also returns a single-line short address (name and location) and a two-line short address. The function module supports a number of country-specific processing forms. These depend on the country of destination.

sap form

sap form

The central address management

The central address management (ZAV) provides SAP customers with functions for managing addresses in the applications. Using the ZAV makes it easier for the user and developers to navigate the maintenance and use of addresses in different applications. These address tables contain addresses of all applications that use the ZAV in a system.

Transaction I18N

Transaction ‘I18N’ is important for all language-related topics in the SAP system landscape. This includes customizing the code page landscape, reviewing and customizing language installations, and customizing print settings.

SO10 SAPScript Texts and SMARTFORMS Text Modules

In form development, you use text modules from Smart Forms, SAPScript texts, and insert text. One of the main differences between text types is that text modules are connected to the automatic transport system. TExt modules are client-independent. SAPScript texts, on the other hand, are client-dependent. They must be transferred manually to a transfer order. As a tool for transporting SO10 texts – RSTXTRAN.

SAP Translation Hub

Since 2017, SAP has been offering customers the SAP Translation Hub for productive use. The translation solution in the cloud allows customers to translate texts from the user interfaces. The program uses a variety of SAP translations and terminology. In addition, machine translation technologies are provided.


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