SAP IDoc status overview

The IDoc status describes the status of IDocs at a defined time.

The status for outgoing IDocs has the value range between 01 and 49.

The status for inbound IDocs starts at 50.

The following table shows the IDoc status that exists by default in an SAP system.

SAP Outbound IDocs status codes

00Not used, only R/2
01IDoc generated
02Error transferring data to port
03Data transfer to port OK
04Error in the control information of the EDI subsystem
05Error during conversion
06Conversion OK
07Syntax error in EDI message
08Syntax Check OK
09Error during interchange handling
10Interchange handling OK
11Error when shipping
12Shipping OK
13Repeat shipping OK (retransmission)
14Interchange Acknowledgement positiv
15Interchange Acknowledgement negativ
16Functional Acknowledgement positiv
17Functional Acknowledgement negativ
18Initiation of the EDI subsystem OK
19Data transfer to port for test OK
20Error initiating the EDI subsystem
21Error during data transfer to port for test
22Shipping OK, Acknowledgment is pending
23Repeat error during shipping (retransmission)
24Control information of the EDI subsystem OK
25Further process despite syntax error (outbound)
26Syntax error in IDocs (outbound)
27Error in the shipping layer (ALE service)
28IDoc sent later in ALE distribution unit
29Error in the ALE service
30IDoc is ready for dispatch (ALE service)
31Error, no further processing
32IDoc was edited
33Original of an IDoc that has been edited
34Error in the control record of the IDocs
35IDoc reloaded from archive
36Electronic signature not done (Timeout)
37IDocs added incorrectly
38IDocs archived
39IDoc in the target system (ALE service)
40Application document not created in the target system
41Application document generated in the target system
42IDoc generated from test transaction

SAP Inbound IDocs status codes

50IDoc added
51Application document not posted
52Application document incomplete
53Application document posted
54Error in formal application review
55Formal application review OK
56Incorrect IDocs added
57Test IDoc: Application validation error
58IDoc duplicate from R / 2 connection
59Not used
60Syntax error in IDoc (inbound)
61Further process despite syntax error (input)
62Transfer IDoc to application
63Error during IDoc transfer to the application
64IDoc is ready for transfer to the application
65Error in the ALE service
66IDoc waits for predecessor IDoc (serialization)
67Not used
68Error, no further processing
69IDoc was edited
70Original of an IDoc that has been edited
71IDoc reloaded from archive
72Not used, only R/2
73IDoc archived
74IDoc generated from test transaction
75IDoc is in the inbound queue

SAP Programs Inbound EDI

RBDAPP01Inbound Processing of IDocs Ready for TransferBD20 – IDoc passed to application
RSEINB00IDoc inbound processing using filePC00_OTIN – Process Inbound, PU12_IDOC_CREATE, S_AHR_61018874
RBDINPUTProcess inbound IDocs
RBDMANINStart Error Handling for Non-Posted IDocsBD73 – Reposting of IDocs (ALE), WC35, WPIA
RBDAGAI2Reprocess IDocs After Inbound ALE ErrorBD84 – Post IDocs after ALE error
RBDSYNEIContinue Inbound IDoc Processing Despite Syntax Errors
RBDCHSTAReset IDoc Status for Specific Statuses (62)
RBDAGAIEReprocessing of Edited IDocs WPIE – Inbound modified IDocs

SAP Programs Outbound EDI

RBDOUTPUProcess outbound IDocs
RBDAGAINProcess Outbound IDocs with Errors AgainBD83 – Send IDocs after an ALE error
RBDSYNEOContinue Outbound IDoc Processing Despite Syntax Errors
RSEOUT00Process All Selected IDocs (EDI)WE14 – Test Outbound Processing
RBDMOINDStatus Conversion with Successful tRFC ExecutionBD75 – Convert IDoc Status

Other relevant SAP ABAP Programs

RC1_IDOC_SET_STATUSEHS: Report to Convert the IDoc Status
RBDMON00BD87 – Status Monitor for ALE Messages
RSEXARCAIDoc Archiving: Write Program
RSEXARCLReload program IDocs archive
ZDUPLICATEIDOCnote 189887 – ALE: Help report to search for IDocs sent twice

This collection is based on the latest data and information provided by an actual SAP ERP System. Check also the related SAP documentation and notes. Try and use our SAP email management and SAP monitoring tools for a better and easier administration of your interfaces.