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How do you download SAP GUI from SAP Market Place?

SAP GUI Download – You are looking for the latest version of SAP GUI on, but can’t find it? Here we show you how it is possible to download the latest GUI software for accessing your SAP system from the Market Place.

Which SAP version do you need?

SAP GUI for Windows, SAP GUI for Java or SAP GUI for Mac?

Of course, this depends primarily on the client you are using. In this little tutorial we deal with the default case, the installation of SAP GUI for Windows.

Which SAP GUI release should you use?

SAP recommends that you always install the latest available release of SAP GUI. For Windows, 7.60 is the latest version. Support for this release runs until April 12, 2022. Version 7.70 is planned. This cycle is related to the maintenance cycles of Microsoft Visual Studio. For more detailed information, see SAP Note 147519 – Maintenance Strategy/Dates for SAP GUI for Windows / SAP GUI for Java. Here are the last patches as of May 2020:

GUI for Windows 7.60

  • 02/2020 Patch 4 Hotfix 1 released
  • 03/2020 Patch 5
  • 03/2020 Patch 5 Hotfix 1 released
  • 04/2020 Patch 5 Hotfix 2 released
  • 04/2020 FINAL patch 15 released

GUI for Windows 7.50

  • 01/2020 Patch 14 released
  • 04/2020 FINAL patch 15 released

Download – Step by Step

Step 1 – Open software downloads on

In the first step, you open the Software Downloads page on the SAP homepage. Sign in to the SAP ONE Support Launchpad with email or user name.

Sign up sap ONE Support Launchpad

Sign up sap ONE Support Launchpad

Sign in with your S-user.

Step 2 – Selection Product SAP GUI

In this next step, you select Downloads from the drop-down menu in the header.

SAP Software Center Downloads

SAP Software Center Downloads

In the Search term field, enter the product you want. In our case, the SAP GUI for Windows is 7.60. Connect press the magnifying glass right next to this field. In the results list you can now see the available products.

sap gui 7.60 download softwarecenter downloads

sap gui 7.60 download softwarecenter downloads

Step 3 – SAP GUI Download

In the last step, simply double-click on the last entry. You will then be prompted to authenticate with your S-User again. Then select a local directory as the destination for downloading gui760_02_1-80003144.exe. ready! Now you can start the sapgui installation

sap logon download

sap logon download

sap gui 7.60 download

sap gui 7.60 download

Version 7.60 Features

Belize Design is now the default design for all SAP products. Because certain Fiori functions are only used in SAP S/4HANA products, these functions cannot be enabled when Belize Design is used for other products. GUI Accessibility – the Belize design is now released for use in Accessibility mode with a screen reader software. ALV rasters now support input history. Also included are various updates to support SAP Screen Personas in SAP GUI for Windows. For Belize Theme, settings and “colors in the system” are available for easy differentiation of SAP systems of different types.

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