How e-billing strengthens your digitalization strategy

Companies benefit from liquidity, efficiency and security

Paperwar adieu! As part of their digitalization strategy, more and more companies are switching to e-bills. Some because they start at 27.11. are forced to take advantage of the many advantages.

The 7 success factors of e-calculation

1. Technical progress for the economy as a whole
Digitizes and harmonizes business processes. In all sectors and sectors.

2. Increased liquidity through faster invoice processing
Shortens lead times and ensures fast invoice payment.

3. Increased efficiency through process optimization
Less effort due to paperless bill. Postage and paper costs are not required.

4. Structured data
New format simplifies the processing of the invoice.

5. Safety
Highest safety standards for transmission.

6. Attractiveness through innovative business processes
Makes companies attractive to companies that also use e-bills.

7. Sustainability through resource conservation
Reduces paper consumption and transport emissions and protects the environment.

Many companies are already “e-ready”!

Due to the many advantages, a large number of the companies have already switched. However, SMEs are also taking a stand in order to benefit from the positive aspects of the e-bill. In the long term, it can be assumed that the e-bill or similar methods will be used nationwide.

Attractiveness through innovative power

digitale rechnung, xrechnung, erechnung im unternehmen

Instead of piles of paper,high administrative costs and immense postage costs, users enjoy the advantages of e-billing. The new method also makes them more attractive to customers, business partners and employees. This is because they benefit significantly from faster, easier and safer invoice processing.

Good for business and the environment

e-rechnung, xrechnung, nachhaltigkeit

In addition to the digitalization goals of the entire economy, the e-bill also satisplisoks the “sustainability imperative”. = > No paper means no mail, no physical transport and therefore no CO2 emissions!

EU prescribes e-bill

Those who have the state or the public sector as customers can count themselves lucky. In order to be able to execute these coveted orders, companies must also be EU-compliant when invoicing. Concretely: From 27.11. they must offer digital invoices, e.g. via XInvoice. This is quick and easy to implement and opens up lucrative opportunities. Also in the B2B and B2C sectors.

XInvoice leading

One format has already prevailed: XRechnung. Most companies, large or small, work with it. If you work or want to work for the federal government or the authorities, you can also use any other CEN compliant format, e.g. ZUGFeRD.

Tip: Assign a competent partner to introduce the new standard to you! As an official SAP partner, we are happy to support you.

The new normal: E-bill becomes standard

One thing is certain: sooner or later, analogue invoicing will die out. For harsh economic, procedural and climate-related reasons. The fact that the federal government is rushing, that the first cities such as the Hanseatic city of Bremen and countless companies have already switched to XRechnung confirms this trend. It is expected that other cities, municipalities, states and large parts of the economy will make digital invoicing the standard.

We are an expert in e-billing! We would be happy to advise and support you in all matters relating to XRechnung, ZUGFeRD & Co.

Take the lead!

With the rapid changeover, companies will not only remain competitive, but can also lead the way as a driver of innovation and opinion leaders. So don’t just switch to e-billing, but convince suppliers, customers and partners of the benefits of mutual, digital invoice exchange via XInvoice.

Forward this article! This enables you, your partners, the industry and your customers to support you in your daily business processes.