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  • Optimal Support for the technical
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SAP IDocMonitor – Monitoring Add-on

How to simplify and accelerate your electronic business processes

SAP IDocMonitor supports you in monitoring, editing and administering intermediate documents (IDocs). It is part of the HotM monitoring tool.

The add-on for monitoring and editing IDocs

  1. Technical and content-related IDoc monitoring
  2. Detection of errors
  3. Fewer delays
  4. Accelerated processes
  5. Easy installation and configuration
  6. 100 Customer Satisfaction
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Definition of monitors to monitor the IDoc interface – SAP IDocMonitor

SAP IDoc Monitor Definition of Monitors Screenshot

Notification of the responsible reviewer

SAP IDoc Monitor Notification of the employee by mail

Monitor Report – Direct jump in ERP and processing in the cockpit by clicking on the link in the alert

SAP IDoc Monitor Report Screenshot

Why SAP IDocMonitoring?


IDocs are the central format for data exchange with internal and external systems. On the one hand, you collect data from the application documents and master data in IDocs as part of the initial processing. The shipment to the target system then takes place. On the other hand, during inbound processing, a source system is passed from to the input interface. After that, they are stored in the system. In a further step, the document data is generated and posted to the respective application. However, errors occur in processing EDI operations in an ERP system. In practice, many companies spend valuable time detecting and correcting these errors. As a result, business processes are delayed and disrupted.

SAP IDoc Monitor HotM Add-On

With the IDocMonitor, know at any time whether the data transfers of your business operations are running correctly

Due to easily definable content and technical rules, these states are immediately recognized. In the event of a previously defined situation, the responsible employees are automatically informed via alert e-mails. In addition, you correct the reported errors directly from the e-mails. You define the rules for monitors to detect specific situations and the distribution of messages according to your needs.

How does the IDocMonitor work?

With the monitor, you define technical and content monitors in ERP. These periodically check the system state by using jobs in the background. As a way, faults are detected immediately and without personnel effort and the right measures are automatically taken. You can easily distinguish between technical and content problems when processing the IDocs. The special user interface makes it easy to define the required filter criteria for monitors. Relevant business content, error and status codes can be easily identified in the selection. Simplify and accelerate time-consuming routine activities with this tool. Your IT team and administrators will be relieved. This is because iDocMonitor improves the monitoring and correction of operations. The distribution and ease of use mechanisms allow you to move activities from the IT base to the relevant department. Would you like to learn more about the features of the IDocMonitor? Make an appointment for a live demo right away. We would be happy to introduce you to the product.

What functions are available to you in the IDocMonitor?

  1. Monitoring with SAP new IDocMonitor transaction
  2. Define monitors to monitor the system
  3. Easy maintenance of technical and content criteria with status
  4. Easy configuration with business criteria
  5. Test tool for the rulebook
  6. Definition of distribution lists for sending notification emails
  7. Automatic notification of “faulty” system states via Alert emails
  8. Flexible design of alerts via HTML
  9. Easy processing of IDocs from the e-mails with a direct jump into the application

What are the advantages of using the IDocMonitor?

The timely detection, control and correction of IDocs is an elaborate, time-consuming activity in the ERP standard. As a result, control and monitoring burdens both IT departments and the department. In many individual steps, error situations must be detected and analyzed.

In practice, the challenges lie in the following topics:

  • Timely detection of technical and content-related error situations
  • Monitor EDI output
  • Monitor EDI input
  • IDOC standard transactions such as WE02, WE05 and BD87 are technically oriented and not content-oriented
  • WLF_IDOC also meets the requirements of IT and users insufficiently
  • In these transactions, field names are used instead of business terms
  • In case of error – cumbersome navigation, search and transaction for IDoc processing
  • Processing IDocs with transaction BD87 is confusing and too complicated for the business / department
  • Display many clicks necessary for SAP transaction IDoc
  • High coordination effort in the event of content errors between IT, department and business partner
  • Control takes place in the IT department, although the department is responsible for content-related issues

These challenges are to face up to when monitoring IDocs. That’s why we at munich enterprise software have developed the IDocMonitor as an add-on for ERP. Regardless of whether they are IDocs for the exchange of business documents via EDI or IDocs for linking various business applications and systems. The bottom line is that iDocMonitor allows you to control your interfaces effortlessly. This significantly reduces the times for detection, analysis and processing of errors. This speeds up your resources and processes.

What is included in the IDocMonitor solution?

With the IDocMonitor you get a real “ready-to-run” solution. After all, it is quickly installed and ready for use within a few days. Furthermore, you do not need any additional components for software and services. This makes integration into the existing infrastructure very easy. In addition, you define the rules for monitoring with technical and content filter criteria without any further special knowledge. In any case, you can add or change the so-called alerts yourself after a short introduction. This service in the briefing is included in the package. This gives you a solution to monitor and correct EDI data in a timely manner.


  • Portal access for software download
  • Installation via the Transport Management System
  • Transports with relevant software components
  • User documentation
  • As required: Instruction in user functions
  • Update Management Support
  • Support Hotline, Helpdesk and Portal

System requirement

Product versions from:

  • EHP2 FOR SAP ERP 6.0
  • SAP ERP 6.0

Also for SAP S/4HANA – from SAP S/4HANA ON-PREMISE 1511

Technical Data

  • For SAP ERP and S/4HANA
  • Compatible and tested also for S/4 HANA Technology 2020
  • Developed with ABAP and with the integrated extension ABAP Objects

The bottom line is that many companies experience a significant simplification in monitoring their electronic business processes with this add-on. This improves and accelerates your daily business and data sharing with business partners and partner systems.

Are you looking for a tool that makes it easy for you to easily monitor your interfaces? See the benefits of this application as part of a live product demo on the web. Contact us today.

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