SAP Outlook

What is the SAP E-mail Outlook integration?

The Outlook Add-In, you can store e-mails from your inbox in the SAP system and link with the associated business objects such as customer orders, purchase orders, service messages. Users can thus make relevant business communications centralized and transparent for others. Processes are clearly documented and search times reduced.

Why are emails centrally stored in SAP?

SAP Outlook Integration – Users receive many daily emails from operations in the ERP system. These are often messages with important commercial or technical information relating to transactions in the SAP system. Sales staff for example, receive supplementary information to orders or invoices, purchasing staff to inquiries or orders and colleagues in service to messages.

Many companies have to reconcile the desire to input messages and SAP Business Objects in the SAP ERP platform and store. The messages should be linked to the events and objects in ERP and stored in the archive. Because without a central storage of e-mails in SAP operations for the user is incomplete, poorly comprehensible and transparent. Employees need more time searching and have always various data sources to access. Here, the fast, targeted access to information is a key success factor. That’s why we have the MailCenter to an Outlook Add-In added. This allows you to move easily important messages from the Inbox to the ERP system. Read on to learn more about it, for what scenarios you can use our solution on.

What scenarios supported the solution?

Scenario link – requests by customers and suppliers, you lose valuable time in many cases by looking for the emails to process. Snooze incoming mails and related documents in the mailbox of a colleague, you have no way in this business to access documents. But how can the incoming documents with the business objects in SAP be connected? The manual linking emails with operations on download and upload SAP is cumbersome and time consuming. With the SAP Outlook integration, you can store e-mails from your inbox in the SAP system and link them to the corresponding business objects. The operations are transparent so, search times are reduced.

Scenario Business Object Installation – employees from the Service and Support must create cumbersome messages in SAP, from operations from your inbox. Upon receipt of the e-mail inbox, enter a message in the ERP system. Then save the mail on your desktop and then link them in a further step with the applied message. This is cumbersome, takes time and is prone to errors. With the function of the reporting system of SAP Outlook integration, you can directly automatically create messages with the selected message type from the message Inbox, and associate emails with the created object. This all works by pressing a button in one step. The process is so easy and secure. And you have at all times the full documentation of mail traffic in GOS attachment of the message.

Regardless of which scenario is interesting for you. This office management solution to connect Outlook with your ERP system. The resulting workflow leads to a significant reduction of employees. The application is available for Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 to 32 bits. The application is available in German and English.

MailCenter Outlook Add-In


  • Direct Linking mails from Microsoft Outlook Inbox to SAP business objects such as customer orders, inquiries, orders, etc.
  • SAP mails with attachments fully visible at all times on the Object Services
  • Receiving the mails from the SAP object to the attachment list
  • Storage of inbound messages via the ArchiveLink interface
  • With the integrated Outlook viewer the email is displayed in Outlook (can also be forwarded from the viewer)
  • “Scan”: checking the incoming mails to an existing SAP object
  • “Status”: Transmitted operations received a new status in Outlook
  • “User configuration”: User-specific settings in Outlook


  • Faster access to information
  • Improved transparency of operations
  • Improved service quality
  • Improved quality of transaction processing, error minimization
  • Improved document security, fewer document loss
  • Unified information platform
  • No media breaks


  • SAP Interiors & instruction
  • SAP component installation via the Transport Management System
  • Technical implementation reception in SAP ERP – SAPConnect (transaction SCOT)
  • Configuring the application for receiving in ERP
  • Instruction for installation and configuration of the Microsoft add-ins at workplaces
  • Briefing on the configuration and functions in Microsoft Outlook
  • Accompaniment Test &-Live documentation
  • Not included: the installation of the add-ins on all jobs
  • Service & Support Hotline, helpdesk and portal

Technical specifications

  • Prerequisite: Web Application Server 7:00 (ABAP)
  • Server Component ABAP / ABAP Objects
  • HANA compatible