To add the email documents from SAP as an attachment

SAP mail – You send your business documents such as quotes, orders or invoices as PDF attachment by email from SAP? In daily practice, there are always processes in the sales or purchasing processes which are similar on all e-mail such as product descriptions, flyers, technical drawings, calculations, terms and conditions which need to be added. In such cases, your users must carry out extremely cumbersome and time-consuming processes today. Business documents are stored on the desktop, to be subsequently embedded in Outlook as an attachment to a new message. This Outlook email can then have more attachments required. This is inconvenient and takes the user valuable time.

By MailCenter add-on you can easily bind additional documents to the standard PDF document automatically or manually from SAP and non-SAP sources directly into the mail and send it. This is less prone to errors and saves time. The e-mail is in the ERP system at any time fully visible to other users. Take a look at the Customer Experience of our customers and learn more about how you can use the functions of MailCenters for yourself.

Which types of email can be added from ERP?

Document as an attachment – An additional document for the mail can come from different sources. You can print documents from the document management system (DMS) as part of the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) environment, the Generic Object Services (GOS) with the SAPOffice (SOFF) – ArchiveLink and Business Document Service (BDS) setting down, the freely accessible file systems or an external directory (path on a server) of the email. You can use an existing system, an appropriate viewer is set up to properly display the format. The same goes for the receiver. For DVS documents, an automatic assignment to the application document can be carried out, a so-called object link. Customizing also defines whether the business document is sent in the attachments as PDF and XML or PDF only. The text describing the system can be changed before sending. The formats for attachments support all popular file formats.

The use of documents are limited in the attachments?

Equipment yes, but please only certain types of documents – The use of DVS, SAP office and archives link attachments can be activated at an organizational and user level. For systems from the DMS using each organizational unit, document type and status is approved. All approved document types with a valid status to the MailCenter can be used. Actual job selection is determined whether a document should be sent or not. Manually or automatically attached proposed systems can always be voted out again. If the policy of the mail server allows messages or attachments only up to a certain size, you can define a maximum size for e-mail attachments. The size of the attachments may be limited in customizing. Once the maximum size is exceeded, the user receives a warning message or an error message in the preparation of the SAP mail. About customizing and ABAP enhancements you can influence the Appendix-choice and constraint documents.

How can a document of the email to be added?

Add attachments manually or automatically – Attachment of mail depends on the particular process and the receiver. The user can manually edit the report before sending for each mail operation. Just as it happens in Outlook, it simply adds to the e-mail one or more files to the attachment. The attachments can be automatically added after a customized set of rules. The user is provided a proposed function for the selection of the required documents. With user exits and ABAP enhancements the discovery of attachments can adapt to your individual requirements. The aim should be natural to make the process for the user as automated as possible. No matter which way you choose. The attachments are kept under control when sending mail with the MailCenter.

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