SAP Application Log Monitor – detect exceptions, speed up processes

SAP Application Log Monitor 2018 is an add-on for your ERP system. It supports you in the monitoring, processing and administration of applications. On the one hand, the programs in an ERP environment in most cases write messages, exceptions and errors in the so-called application log. On the other hand, these protocols are often neglected in practice by users and administrators. As a result, warnings and errors are not recognized at all or not in time. In any case, many companies spend valuable time detecting and correcting these system states.

SAP Application Log monitoring add-on

With the  SAP Application Log Monitor, you are always informed about the relevant processes in the application log. With easily definable rules, certain log entries are recognized promptly. After all, the responsible employees and distributors from the specialist area or IT are informed automatically by e-mail promptly and appropriately about new LOG entries. For example, the mail text contains: Long text for log message, detailed information and technical information. In addition, it is possible from the e-mail directly to obtain additional information about the respective process. Incidentally, you define the logic for detecting exceptions and distributing the messages according to your requirements.

The timely detection of exception, error, message, etc. reduce errors and delays in your business processes with the Log Monitor.

What are the advantages of using the Log Monitor?

The timely detection, control and correction of exceptions in the applications is a complex, time-consuming activity for many companies. Often important situation in the application and in the log are not recognized or too late. It lacks a suitable program for log monitoring. In addition, the analysis has to be carried out in many individual steps.

The challenge lies in practice in the following topics:

  • Timely detection of exceptions, errors, messages, etc.
  • Show SAP Application Log – Evaluate SAP Application Log – transaction SLG1 SAP
  • Transactions like SLG1 (evaluate application log – show log logs) are technical and not content-oriented
  • Monitor SAP Application Log
  • Proactive notification and rules for notification inadequate
  • Many steps for the user
  • The coordination effort for content errors between IT, department and business partners is high
  • Control often takes place in the IT department, although the department is responsible for content-related topics

Accordingly, we at mes have developed a tool for monitoring the application log, the Log Monitor. With Log Monitor, you can easily control your application log. This will reduce the times for detection, analysis and exception handling. This will save your resources and speed up your processes.

With the LogMonitor, you simply define a set of rules for monitoring the logs in the Application Log. As a result, jobs in the background automatically periodically check the system status. Disruptions are detected immediately, actively and without any time expenditure. Subsequently, the persons defined in the mailing list are informed. Due to the special user interface, the rules are easy to define for each user.

The LogMonitor simplifies and accelerates time-consuming routine tasks.

Your users are relieved. With the Log Monitor, you greatly improve the possibilities for monitoring the application. The mes as a partner supports you.

What is the use of the Log Monitor?

With this add-on, many companies from all industries experience a significant improvement for the smooth running of business processes. We are happy to show you the benefits of this application as part of a live product demo on the web. Get in contact with us. We look forward to you.

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What is included in the solution for the Log Monitor?

The Log Monitor gives you a ready-to-run solution. Because it is simply implemented and ready to use. Furthermore, you do not need any other components. Moreover, you can easily define the logic using filter criteria for the log entries yourself. In any case, you can add or adjust the so-called alerts yourself after a brief introduction. This gives you a quick tool to monitor and respond to the log in a timely manner.

LogMonitor Productflyer


  • Installation via the Transport Management System
  • Instruction in functions, transfer and support log monitor
  • Technical documentation SAP Application Log Transaction
  • Documentation for the users
  • Update Management Support
  • Support Hotline, Helpdesk and Portal

Technical specifications

  • Base – NetWeaver Application Server 7.00 (ABAP)
  • Prerequisite for own programs: Create SAP Application Log Object Write SLG0-Sap Application Log
  • Developed with ABAP and the integrated ABAP Objects extension
  • Compatible and tested also for S / 4 HANA technology 2017

With the help of the add-on, you can quickly identify critical situations in your business processes. This will improve and accelerate your processes. Convince yourself of the advantages of this application as part of a live product demo via web. Get in contact with us today.

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