Setting SAP communication interface for mail SAPConnect

Configure mail delivery – SAPConnect provides a uniform interface for external communication, for example for mail. For the MAIL DELIVERY it has a connection to the Internet via the SMTP plug of the Web Application Server. To enable external sending in the ERP system, some settings in the components involved are necessary. To set up the SAP e-mails or have questions about the configuration options? Here we have collected some important information which are of interest to the configuration and operation.

Support Information for SAPConnect, SMTP, SCOT and SOST

Setting SAP E-mails – The following are useful tips for configuring the ERP server SAPConnect which are important parameters on how to complete the implementation of services for e-mail delivery.

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Note Description SAP note number
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SAP e-mail about Office 365 – Setting up an SMTP Services for an Office 365 Online Exchange mail account:

SAP SMTP service with Office365 online exchange


SMTP – The “Simple Mail Transfer Protocol” is a protocol for the exchange of e-mails in computer networks. Primarily it is used to initiate and to route e-mail. Fetching e-mails via other protocol such as POP3 or IMAP. Usually servers work for e-mail reception on Port 25 for user authentication and now are working with the newer server port 587.

TLS – Transport Layer Security (TLS) and its predecessor Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is an encryption for secure data transmission over the Internet. With version 3.0, the protocol under the name TLS will be further developed and standardized.

SMTP-Auth – This authentication is a protocol and an addition of ESMTP. It allows the mail server to authenticate the mail client using its user name and password.

SCOT – SAPConnect transaction to external communications to set up and monitor the SAPConnect sending process.

SOST, SOSB and SOSG – SAP transactions for an overview of sending orders. All sent via SAPconnect messages can be displayed here.

Setting SAPConnect mail delivery

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Important notes: The mail server with which the SAP system is both the input and the output side connected must be equipped with appropriate virus scanners and spam filters. It is recommended to separate the reception socket through the firewall to the outside, so that no delivery can be made by third parties. It is further recommended that the output side does not communicate directly with a mail server outside the firewall. These instructions may vary slightly in different SAP releases.

Connecting to the mail server and routing defined – in transaction SCOT take in “Business Communication Administration => Settings => Outgoing Messages => SMTP node” the following settings:

  • Set indicator “node in operation“
  • Mail Host: Here you enter the IP address or host name of the mail server
  • Mail Host: Usually, 25 or 587
  • Supported address types: Internet and address the “*”. In order for this node is used for all e-mail addresses

Set default domain – In SAPconnect administration is entered with the transaction SCOT “Settings => Domain” the default domain. Here the domain of SAP is determined by clients such. B. @

Sender maintain – In the user administration an e-mail address is stored on the transaction SU01 for each user. This is used when sending messages as the sender. Enter the e-mail address in the “Email Address”. Use as a domain if possible the domain of SAP clients, such as @ (s. Default Domain).

Create Test Mail – About SAPOffice transactions SO01 or SBWP a test mail can be generated. So you can check whether the e-mail can be sent from your SAP system.

Control mail delivery – SAPconnect send jobs can be controlled via the transaction SOST. Here you can see the email that was created in the previous step.